Residence in Miami by Touzet Studio

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 - Hot Design

Here in Miami, Florida, this is a place called La Gorce Island, where Touzet Studio designed a marvelous luxury residence. I do not even know where to start in this description. First you need to know that this house is divided into several distinct areas: the main house, which contains basic public and private areas, guest pavilion, housing service structure servants’ quarters, garage, secure storage rooms, mechanical and thermal power.

 The main house consists mainly of large volume is divided into several main components: suite bedroom looking through the comic private beach and 110 + feet reflection pool. The main structural element can be found in the center of the residence and it is nothing but the void is located partially suspended spiral staircase. If we look at the open space we can see that this is the ultimate place if you want privacy, complete relaxation, and on top of that place you call home.     entire household has a luxurious feel, thanks to the extra quality materials and grand designs. Extraordinary details make this house is the place for connoisseurs, for people who can appreciate its full potential. Color selection is specific to the luxury of modern living, composed mainly of white, alternated by several shades of cream and dark elements of a strong personality. How would not want to live in this house? Probably for most of us the way out of our price range, that is why we, normal people call it a “dream house”.


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