The Professional’s Gym Bag

Look around your office & you’ll likely see a striking number of people carrying 2 bags: 1 for work and 1 for the gym. This is because most bags aren’t suited for both. The Aer Duffel Pack fills this unique gap with thoughtfully designed compartments & a demure aesthetic that you can take anywhere. The main


Smart Scale for Dummies

Whether it’s to save space or keep things looking tidy, we have a natural tendency to push our at-home body scales right up against the wall. Great, except that when it comes time to weigh-in you find yourself in an awkward, almost laughable position against the wall trying to see the results! The Comfy Gap solves

tinos island horse stable holiday home

On the historic Greek Tinos Island, a traditional stone stable was transformed into a stunning holiday home. Architect Ioannis Exarchou addressed the project by retaining the original structure and plastering the interior walls. With a new colored concrete floor and the addition of some basic home elements, the former stable gained a glorious new life.


The home’s dark stone exterior

Border Defending Ground Drone

This unmanned rover concept uses an arsenal of hi-tech systems to provide supplemental support to border patrol operations. At the center of the design is a border-facing shield that protects its vital armament, including lasers, radar, and other detection devices as well as military-grade lethal and non-lethal deterrents. Controlled remotely or set to operate autonomously, it

Modern Beach House Renovation 1

Three rectilinear glass-and-steel boxes update an unconventional 100-year-old beach house in Toronto, adding extra space and a sense of modern flair without compromising the structure’s historic character. Drew Mandel Architects sought to uphold the house’s “elusive quality of heart and soul” while giving the interior a total refresh.

Modern Beach House Renovation 2

Modern Beach House Renovation 3

The clients had lived in the semi-detached, three-story beach-neighborhood house for 12

Lesson #5 – How To Save Water

While adjusting the temperature of the water, most of us waste a good bucket or two. To make sure we don’t do this kinda stupid wastage, the Eco-shower features an additional holding unit, that takes in the first rush of cold water and heat it up for you. It’s a neat idea and

Forest House Germany 1

Paying tribute to the mythologies and fairy houses of the woods with its dark timber facade and slightly flaring roof, Forest House is a small, private cabin tucked within the pines of Brandenburg, Germany. From the back or side, the structure seems deceptively unremarkable, but a glazed wall on the back side opens it up to the landscape, giving it

The Clever Collapsible Cup

The Smash Cup is an ultra-portable, sealed travel cup that stays with you! When you’re not drinking, it collapses into a compact, liquid-tight disk, saving space in your backpack, handbag or even your pocket. Usable for hot or cold drinks and easily washed, it eliminates the waste for all types of disposable cups and saves money.

The Kitchen Lab

17 Jul

The Kitchen Lab

Spirulina is a magic superfood that is suitable for all ages and stages in life. You can Wiki the details, so I’m moving on to the concept of this project called ‘Grow Your Own Proteins’. The idea is to have a workstation that allows you to grow and then 3D print Spirulina along with other food, so

Water Collection Made Easy

There are many ideas out there, which are low-cost and effective in collecting waters in rural and remote areas. These are areas like refugee camps in Africa where running water is not easily accessible. The Water Roll is a container that can be rolled along a path and by adding a removable faucet; you can directly