Radiant Rods!

1 Jun


The Kit Lamp gets its name from the nature of its design. It can be assembled and disassembled easily, without any glue or external fixing agent. The Lamp comes in a kit, hence the name.

The lamp has a clean, geometric, almost meditative style. A stainless steel elbow joint steals the glory, in my opinion. Made using 3D printing technology,

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Here’s a DIY crafts project that’s worthy of being on a design blog. The Paper Push is a scooter made out of easily procurable materials, primarily newspaper, PVC pipes and fittings, and metal fasteners. The design boasts of being sturdy enough to rival scooters made of metal. The most interesting parts of the scooter (and what really caught my eye)


Calling all Star Wars geeks! The twist on space movie swag doubles as a home camera for keeping an eye on things while you’re gone! Shaped like the notorious villain’s helmet/mask, a small yet powerful camera is built-in to the center. What looks like an innocent fan collectible is actually an unassuming watchdog that you can access from any smart


The Y3 shoe by Chanel Shi comes in two variants. One of them has a plain, no-nonsense avatar, but with a sole that gives it an unusual and pleasant flavor. The other avatar looks absolutely deadly, with its upper shell that is inspired by crustacean designs. The upper shell is removable, allowing you to switch between both avatars, making the

Tactile Time

30 May

I used to enjoy a time when mobile phones had tactile keyboards. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually typed out full messages without looking at my phone once. It used to be a great feeling, working with information with the aid of tactile feedback. The Bradley timepiece brings that same joy to the act of reading time.


A small kitchen can discourage people from cooking at home and eating healthy. To combat this problem, the Axis 3D cooking system allows users to switch between a variety of cooking methods in one compact unit that’s smaller than a full size stovetop. On one side, induction hobs for heating food, and on the other a modular rotating system for

Shake it off!

27 May


Sometimes a simple idea makes a product experience volumes better. I’ve said this loads of times in my articles, showcasing products that I feel really embody good design. The Self Tapping Sieve is another such example. Reducing a two-hand activity to a one hand activity, the self tapping sieve is basically a sieve with a loose, wobbly handle. Shake it


The Hornet’s rugged design makes it the perfect introductory scooter for kids! Oversized tires take on rocks and uneven terrain, expanding its range, and because there are 4, it’s easy to stay upright and balance while riding. The narrow back half also allows for an innovative yet simplistic braking and suspension system for a smoother, safer and more controlled ride.


The Zero Degree inhaler is a modern twist on the ancient practice of aromatherapy to revitalize body and mind! Unlike slow absorption or ingestion methods, the design utilizes dry inhalation because it’s the quickest way to deliver stimulants directly to the brain. Its pocket-friendly, compact size also makes it a lot more convenient. With just a simple twist, air is

The Concrete Beat

27 May


The Concretus is the kind of speaker that becomes the topic of conversation, but it isn’t the kind you can carry around showing everyone. The reason? It’s made from concrete. Yes! The concrete used to build massive homes, malls, offices! It may seem to be an unusual choice of material, but its uniqueness lies in that very fact (Concrete isn’t