The Harman Kardon Gramophone reimagines the first device for playing sound as a minimalistic, modern medium for bringing new life to old records! Much more compact than phonographs of the past, its diameter is only slightly larger than that of the record. In an interesting twist, the needle is also located on the underside as opposed to the top. Despite

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Here’s an interesting thought. What if you had multiple projectors pointing at each other, would the projections form a 3D object?? If there were smoke in the air, or mist, very much so! That’s probably one of the many ways of creating a hologram. The Goethe House is something right out of a sci-fi novel. Envisioned as an entirely holographic


Chargers, and charging cables for phones are such an afterthought. To be honest, that’s where companies cut corners the most. Plugs that are a space-management nightmare, cables that end up fraying, and most importantly, cables that are too short to reach from the socket till your table or bed. No more, I say. This little plastic sleeve solves those problems

A 4 Turbine Tesla

29 Aug


Turbines? What turbines? Well, they’re not the kind you might expect and you’ll have to look a little lower to find ’em! Envisioned for the year 2030, the Tesla T1 concept explores the future of energy efficiency in the most extreme racing scenario: the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

The electric competitor is structurally defined by aerodynamics but it’s the


It’s Friday, so time to close this week with a banging design that’ll have you drooling all through the weekend! Bicycle manufacturers Trek unveiled a stellar bike concept for the decade to come and boy does it break hearts! Code-named Zora, this beauty is made for the tarmac as well as terrain. Designed to be used to battle traffic on

I don’t imagine #bendgate ever happened with phone chargers or power-banks, but who knows. Lithium ion batteries are pretty unstable little things. A little manhandling and you could have a pretty serious chemical hazard. Poseidon is a phone charger made to battle the elements as well as low battery. Designed to be drop proof and water proof, this slim little


Controlling your home has never looked or been more fun! The DICE Smart Remote Control is a playful system that allows users to quickly toggle between and adjust atmospheric options from the comfort of anywhere from bed or the kitchen table.

Users can customize each side and program (using a computer or smartphone) to control lighting, sound, room temperature, security,

Double-Decker Dining!

26 Aug


The Double Buffet is something I can absolutely support! I dread buffet settings because of the way the food’s just ready and waiting for you to eat it, but the damn line in front of you is separating you from it. Designed by very impatient foodies (like all of us), the Double Buffet takes the regular buffet cloche and multiplies

One Fancy Phone

25 Aug


Designed for the “international elite” the svelte Elite Guard Smartphone boasts lux looks and high-end tech for the discerning customer.

It features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor with 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 200GB of internal storage, AMOLED Quad-HD 5.5in screen, a high-end sound system that uses a dedicated Audio Processing Unit, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, support for 24 bands LTE compatibility

A Breezy Bose

25 Aug


This Bose isn’t your average speaker … errr… in fact, it’s not a speaker system at all. Instead of sweet tunes, it blasts ice cold air! Yes – it’s actually an exploration into what an AC unit from audio equipment maker Bose might look like. Now, on why you need an AC that looks like an expensive speaker… well, you