In general, when we think of swings we picture kids playing. And when we think of rocking chairs, we often envision an elderly grandparent leisurely falling asleep in a gently rocking seat. Designers Clara Rivière and Tobias Nickerl combine the two into seating for every age with their Rocking Swing.


The swing/chair’s frame is a lightweight tubular metal. Despite its

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These countertop washbasins come in five colors and five shapes. What a wide variety of choices! There’s something for every style house here, that’s for sure. From Olympia Ceramica of Italy, the product is, of course, top quality. Called ‘Metamorfosi’, it’s a metamorphosis, alright. From blue to green to orange – from oval to triangular to rectangular – you’ve got


The Casa el Bosque, or House in the Forest, was designed by Ramón Esteve Estudio and built in a suburban area of Valencia, Spain. Though the area is rather densely populated, this particular home is located on a plot surrounded by a pine forest.


It was the forest and the beautiful natural surroundings that inspired the home’s unusual layout. Four

From Fioranese Ceramica, these modern art deco tiles rock the black and white look, don’t they? Available in 12 different styles, they were designed by Silvia Stanzani. Fioranese has been creating high quality porcelain tiles in Italy for over 50 years and these are some of their best. Suitable for the wall or the floor, just imagine the worlds you

This funky table from Craft Modern would look great in almost any room. It’s industrial looking, yes, but there’s enough funky in there to bridge any style. Called the Gira Table, it can be ordered from their website – in modular components. Easy to assemble, it consists of a t-slot aluminum post and decorative, anodized, aluminum legs that fasten to

Anorher view of The Droid coffee table

It’s a coffee table. It’s a pinball machine. It’s a “Star Wars” lover’s dream. It’s the Droid, a piece of furniture so cool, you’ll want it whether you grew up with Darth Vader, Yoda and C-3PO or not. Created by utterly inventive Hungarian ALTAR furniture, this “one and only love child of Star Wars pinball and R2D2″ has snagged a


Every once in a while you come face to face with a product that redefines its standards in a way so simple, you wonder, “Why didn’t anyone every think of this before?” The Aperture Wrench is an aptly named wrench that takes inspiration from a camera’s aperture and the way it transforms. The wrench is designed around this awe-inspiring kaleidoscopic

Rain-Ready Racer

30 Jun


The F1 series McLaren-Honda concept explores the design, proportions and regulations of Formula 1 racing in the near distant future. The foremost feature visualizes what the sport might look like if enclosed cockpits were adopted in place of the standard open design. The driving force isn’t looks, but safety in wet weather in which F1 no longer participates. Apart from


Remember a very, very recent time when standing desks were all the rage and doctors were telling us that sitting down to work was as bad for our health as smoking? Well, that’s actually still true, but now you can quit pretending to be ok with standing up all day at work because the LeanChair is about to switch things

You should certainly be able to cook up a storm with this Abimis stainless steel kitchen. So many different islands and stations, so many recipes, so little time! Put a chef in this professional kitchen and you’ll never see them again. But you will see lots of great food. We love how clean and stark it looks. There are plenty