Mosquitoes on a Mushroom

The biggest problem with camping is the battle with mosquitoes (and other creepy crawlies). No matter how much of the repellent you rub on yourself, they do tend to find a spot to attack you. The ‘Anti Mosquito’ is a mushroom inspired design that needs to be placed around the tent. The solar panels on the

at King Of Christmas save money at the same time with one of our many beautiful artificial Christmas trees

completed lego wall

Adding a new wall to your home or office interior is never easy, but when you make it into a fun project it can at least be a little less painful. That’s just what the crew at Hamburg, Germany-based design studio NPIRE did with their crazy wall made entirely of Lego bricks.


lego sets

The designers spent nearly a year constructing the

A Moto Disguised

29 Oct

A Moto Disguised

Despite having pedals, the Hydro Bike isn’t really a bicycle at all. This fuel cell-powered transportation features these faux pedals because in a lot of countries it would legally still be considered a bicycle, avoiding the need for a motorcyclists license, road tax, etc.. Thanks to its compact hydrogen power tech, the unibody design is a bit

The Orwell is an enticing place to relax whether both flaps are up, down or half and half. It’s like your own private cabin retreat right in the middle of your living room – or guest room – or family room – or wherever you choose to place it.

The heavy quilted drop down curtains insulate against sound, making it

This Plug is a Switch!

Ideas that enhance functionality are always welcome, and hence the Clack Plug makes its way here. The socket is the switch itself; hence the design compels you to switch off the plug when not in use. Ideal of course is to unplug devices when not in use, but for now the Clack Plug will suffice.

Introducing… the future!

It’s called Bleen, and it’s a breakthrough in technology that reimagines the holographic projection system of tomorrow as as convenient and portable. From its sculptural shell, holographic images are displayed for a variety of applications available in the open-source Bleen Store. This means developers can create an endless amount of programs for gaming, sports, education, exercise, and


Light diffused through water always takes on a sort of ethereal glow as the light is refracted and sent in every direction. The Atmos lamp from designer Arturo Erbsman uses condensation to create a lovely, dewy atmosphere in any room.


The lamp consists of a small aluminum base containing a light source and an inexhaustible supply of water. When the

The Dynamo Rainbow Shower has LED lights that can be color adjusted to suit your mood, turning your daily shower into a unique chromotherapeutic experience.

Easy to install, no electric parts are required and it can be mounted on the ceiling, the wall or in an enclosed shower system.




A private client with a love of hotel-like luxury and, apparently, a very large interior design budget tasked interior architecture studio Lawson Robb with creating this glamorous underground spa. The spa occupies a subterranean location beneath a listed building in Mayfair, London.


The basement level of the 15,000 square foot residential development began as a maze of rooms. The architects

Oculus Redesign Awesomeness

This redesign of the Oculus VR Headset focuses on user familiarity to more comfortably introduce this new virtual reality gaming tech. The design’s clean, sleek look more closely resembles a pair of fancy ski goggles, avoiding the over-embelishment and obviousness of the current headset. The product appeals to the gaming audience all while keeping a look for