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This quirky design will make you giggle but it’s actually quite sensible! The first of its kind, the Lazy Pad was designed for those of us who like to sprawl out on the floor while we play with or work on our tablets, computers or phones.

This unnatural positioning puts a lot of strain on the back, elbows, shoulders and


Crazy question. Would we still have trains in the future? Designer Igor Neminov has it all figured out. Not only will we have trains, they’ll be operated by the military, because the military rules everything. There’ll be stations whose architecture look like a fusion of a free thinking free-spirited society with the discipline of the military world. Here’s what Igor


I live in Los Angeles and, at this very moment, we’re in the midst of a massive heat wave. Unfortunately for me, my preference for style over function has left me with two beautifully tiny yet utterly useless fans! Sigh… if only I had a Conbox.

While many fans are trying to look… well… less fan-like, the Conbox makes the

Electric Indulgence

27 Sep


Combining the best of luxury and clean performance, the new Edorado 7S is unlike any other electric boat that sails the waters today. With its unique hydrofoil design, the 7S rides above the water, creating very low drag, which in turn increases maximum speed and range. The Edorado 7S allows boaters to enjoy the luxury of speed on the water


Seems like a stupid thing to need a water bottle underwater, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised! Sea Water isn’t potable and should under no circumstances be consumed, given its salt content… so when scuba divers go diving, it’s a good idea to have access to drinking water. How would one drink water underwater, though?! Spongebob seems to do it just

Compact Cardio

16 Sep


Spinning is all the rage, but unless you’ve got a dedicated workout room at home, chances are you have to trek to the gym anytime you want to spin up a sweat. Until now! The Folding Spinning machine makes it possible to spin at home thanks to it’s compact, convenient design.

The tear-drop shaped device features a retractable seat, handlebars


For some reason, the world just wants to put more and more into your pocket. Just yesterday we saw this portable genius of a tool-kit fitting into a credit-card sized piece of steel, and now, the Jorno, which fits a tablet/smartphone dock AND complete QWERTY keyboard into a palm, and consequently pocket-sized device. I’ve always loved the touch of a


Here’s a design aesthetic I haven’t seen in a while! This coffee roasting machine has a wonderful Cubist style comprising elements that are integrated physically, but not visually. The Coffee Roasting Machine by Zhou Buyi looks industrial, doesn’t it? With its mechanical-inspired form, it sure looks like it means business and knows what it’s doing! Look at it from the

Fancy Future Faucet!

10 Sep


This design is all about being simple and clean in design. In fact it’s so simple and clean, it doesn’t even have a name! Titled ‘Faucet’, this washroom fitting boasts of a capacitive touch control system that allows you to not just power the faucet, but also allows you to set a timer for on/off functions, allowing you to control