Why bring modularity to complicated things like phones and furniture when egg trays need it the most?! The Dot Line egg tray has a unique structure that is accompanied by the fact that it has a dotted tear-away line running like a grid, separating eggs. Not only does this make it easier to purchase an irregular number of eggs (blessing

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I get these mixed feelings when I see brilliant design. I’m awed by it but at the same time, I’m jealous for not thinking of something similar before. That’s the beauty of Bicycle Guardians, it’s simple, it’s brilliant, and it has this thing I call the “Aha moment”, which is what you feel when you see a design that adrenalizes

It’s so easy to go out and spend a fortune on a really good-looking pair of shoes. The pair that is in style. Something you will feel fancy wearing, but your feet won’t be feeling so special. That’s one of the double-edged swords of a really cool pair of shoes – sacrificing functionality for fashion.

Shah Goren, a designer from


We’re at the cusp of a massive shift from a form-follows-function era to a form-follows-emotion era. Predicted decades ago, by Hartmut Esslinger (Frog Design), products should now tell a story, rather than showcase their functionality. SteamOne embraces that design philosophy by being a vertical clothes steamer that’s also a work of art. Its sculpted style bodes well for the fact

Carry-On Mujjo

21 Jul


You just purchased yourself a new 12” Macbook. Now, you want to find the best protection for the best laptop. But, not just anything will do. You want to look good while having the peace of mind that your Mac is safe. The new Mujjo Carry-On Folio Sleeve for the 12” MacBooks is the exact thing you should be looking

Dust is a major culprit of respiratory diseases but many avoid using masks and those that do tend to throw them away after a single short use. Designer Elias Thaddeus Pfuner’s recognized that poor existing design is one of the reasons behind this. Taking action, he has developed the Cyclone Mask 1 as a user-friendly, reusable option that aims to


Designer Radek Štěpán has conceptualized not only an innovative roadster, but an entirely new style of racing which he calls FORMUL2… and it makes F1 seem like a total snoozefest!

The track idea is a hybrid consisting of half tarmac, half dirt. You can imagine the challenges and excitement that take place as drivers must switch between two completely different


Imagine having sunlight in a windowless room. That’s probably the strangest way to begin a design post, but think about it… I’ve lived in a dingy hostel room for five years of my life, so yes, sunshine was an absolute luxury. Window is a part of Siyu Lou’s Elastic products that explores a new dimension to lighting. Designed to fit

Cooking, like any art form requires skill and passion. Passion comes easy, skill doesn’t… and when one has the skill, being limited by physical capabilities can be quite disheartening. Oneware is a set of kitchen apparatuses for one-handed people who still want to or need to cook. The name also has an element of inclusion in it, one kitchen and

Swim Again

20 Jul

Stuart Baynes’ Printable Prosthetics pushes the boundaries of customized prosthesis by extending the range of activities for lower limb amputees to water sports. Unlike one-size-fits-all units, digital scans are applied to Grasshopper 3D printing tech to ensure comfort and worry-free functionality with each individual fit. The printed design consists of a rigid socket and flexible fin to aid in swimming