Anchor of Light

28 May

Anchor of Light

Called “Anchor-1″ for its shape, this minimalistic desk lamp utilizes a 3-facet design to adjust the angle of inclination and light direction. The long LED strip is held upright with a system of removable counterbalancing weights that also make the design an interactive lighting object that the user can have fun adjusting. Composed of aluminum, inlaid plywood

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The Smart Home, Simplified

If you’ve ever played with a “smart home” remote, you know it’s a black hole of confusion and over-functionality! Simply called “Cube”, this innovative remote simplifies controlling basic functions in the form of a tangle 3D square. Whether it’s the blinds, music, TV, or lights, you can quickly customize the vibe of your pad with a

the lantern house london

An extension to a west London house provided a unique opportunity for Fraher Architects to showcase the existing structure while adding an impressive new feature. The clients wanted to add Eastern-influenced design to their living space, a choice that informed how the architects shaped the interior and manipulated the natural lighting.

the lantern interior lit

lantern at night

The home’s most prominent feature is the new addition,

Birds Got the Hang of It

The Qarta bird feeder explores species-specific designing to accommodate the needs of the American Goldfinch. The result is a modular form that can be recombined and positioned to suit varying numbers in a population. Aside from being a communal feeding space, the design is also weatherproof, squirrel-resistant, and free of dangerous adhesives. With each

A Soy Latte for me and a Black Coffee for my pen

As much as that would probably get you a few bewildered stares at your local barista, that sentence makes complete sense if you own a WINKpen. That’s because the WINKpen is designed to write with anything you can pour into it! Tea, Coffee, Juice, Alcohol! Now you can

One Marker to Rule Them All

The Copic Marker proves that big things come in small packages! Unlike a limited, space-consuming set of colored markers, it gives users endless color options in one compact device. Like an ink printer, the design utilizes replaceable cartridges of cyan, yellow and magenta. The user can select their desired shade with a smartphone app,

rain lamp

Drops of rain falling in your home might usually be cause for concern – but designer Richard Clarkson‘s Rain Lamp will make you wish for rain every day.

hanging rain lamp

falling water lamp

The globular lamp uses an LED and an integrated pump system to combine the aesthetic qualities of light and water in a nature-inspired lighting fixture. The lamp’s round shape is a natural

Sustainable Shell Smartphone

The HTC GO GREEN is an evolution of Peter Dudas’ HTC ONE M8 that focuses on sustainability. Rather than a brushed aluminum unibody frame, the design features precision-bent bamboo for a look that’s natural, warm and more eco-friendly. Like its predecessor, users can expect the same warp speed performance, serious battery life and a super HD display.

A ladder to make neighbors jealous

You’ve probably played the board game Snakes and Ladders before. Here’s a ladder with a new personality. It can coil up like a snake.!
Now luckily it still does what a ladder does, with the massive advantage of snugly fitting in the tightest of spots in your attic. And it also adds up as

Love My Pair Of Denim Frames

This is one of those designs where you go … why didn’t I think of it before! Down right damn mister! Solid Denim Sunglasses – it can’t get cooler than this if you ask me. A pair of sunglasses made with denim to perfection; smooth at the edges and inside surface with rugged denim