Here’s a design that is seriously a result of blood, sweat, and tears. With over a year of research and development behind it, the Oneblade is touted as the best shaving experience you can get. The designers at Pensa endured cuts, razorburns, and overall feelings of discomfort to build the Oneblade. Made completely out of metal with no cheap plastic

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What Lies Beneath

9 Feb


The SVPER concept smartphone stands out with super aesthetics that are highly focused on minimalism without losing individualism. Most noticeably is the ultra-smooth screen that takes up the entire frontside real estate. In fact, it’s near-frameless. But what about fingerprint ID tech that we waited SO long for? It’s still there, but it works through the screen so the user

A Spin on Vinyl

8 Feb


An ode to analog record players of the past, the Back to Vinyl series of players are a modern take that will add style and high quality tunes to your entertainment collection. Modernly minimal yet retro, the neon-esque detail harkens back to the vinyl era and highlights the unique spin speed of your collection. Whether your groove is 33, 45,

As one designer to another, I’ll let you in on the real deal. Publicity is everything. No one cares how many awards you may have won. You just need to be able to turn heads with your work. Leonardo DiCaprio is a living example, isn’t he? I strongly believe that publicity can take you places, and truth be told, there’s

The April/Autumn light fixture has side emitting strands which scatter flecks of light the full length of the piece. These designer lighting groups would be perfect choices for a minimalist modern loft.

Floral shapes in warm autumnal colors – from vivid yellow to rich amber – give this designer lighting presence.

April/Autumn lighting in a private residence, New Delhi, India.


The Electrolux Verse is so much of a vacuum cleaner that it’s two vacuum cleaners! Designer Scott Pancioli gave vacuum cleaners a makeover with his concept titled Verse. The vacuum cleaner has a very yin-yang aesthetic style with the color split from front to back, and also the product split. On the front face of the vacuum cleaner, fits a


‘Tis the month for beautiful combinations! Although ‘HP Shredjet’ doesn’t really sound as poetic, it’s a wonderful melange of three souls. It acts as a vacuum cleaner, stores garbage like a trash can, and also does a marvelous job as a paper shredder.

The Paper shredder isn’t rocket science, but coupled with the vacuum’s power, the Shredjet can actually shrink


Little is known about the upcoming iPhone 7, but fanboys round the globe are crossing fingers it’s something more revolutionary than evolutionary of the iPhone 6. This concept by Eduardo Guerrero is in keeping with Apple’s late design language of “bigger is better” but isn’t actually any bigger! The screen, however, IS. iPhone 7 features a frameless front where all


Use the ladder for a toasty towel heater for the bathroom, as well as radiator. As you can see, it comes in both wall mounted and free standing designs, with a pulley for the electric cable. So go ahead – take your home heating up a rung.

Teso Towel Rail Warmer Radiator by Antrax

The Teso towel rail warmer is


That should totally be a thing, right? When that does, you’ll want a lamp like Tack. It’s small, powerful, and it’s magnetic. Which gives it the freedom to be mounted anywhere. Just place the magnetic mount on that surface and the Tack snaps into place. If you want to be hipster, you can also use Tack as a table lamp.