Light and Art – A Winning Combination

Skeletal sculpture meets functional light in the Molecula lamp by Benjamin Migliore. With its rounded intersections and crisp lines, the geometric structure is at once organic and intentional. Position it in any direction to adapt to your ideal table arrangement, or hang it on the wall for a unusual sconce alternative!

Designer: Benjamin

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360 rotating shelf

Wall shelves aren’t usually the most creative or impressive pieces of decor in a household, but the 360 Shelf from designer Luka Pirnat can be customized to suit your tastes and storage needs.

wooden 360 rotating wall shelf

The beech wood shelf is more like a frame. It has four thick sides and a void in the middle. It mounts in a horizontal position, so

With none of the five units requiring a wall behind them, FLOAT can be positioned to enjoy views and/or social zones. No longer does a chef have to face a wall while creating culinary magic.

Aside from being highly functional, FLOAT is also a sculptural statement that will add an artistic value to any space.

The drawer beneath the main

Keebunga, dude!

19 Dec

Keebunga, dude!

Created for outdoor enthusiasts by outdoor enthusiasts, the Keebunga key case was designed to give the user peace of mind while they enjoy surfing, swimming, mountain biking, canoeing and more by keeping car keys safe and sound. Perfect for electric keys, the hardshell case is waterproof, buoyant, durable and shockproof. Rather than hide your key, clip it to

Bring Home Some Moonlight

I love the creative expressions possible with the MoonLight Lamp. It is essentially an interactive wall LED lamp designed to produce endless possibilities when playing with lights, shadows and creating beautiful atmosphere. The design features three different sizes, each one of them having two sets of diodes. Simply turn the dimmer to increase or dim the

Link: The Last Mile Delivery Solution

LINK is a synchronized logistics system that uses a city’s existing infrastructure, like public transportation resources, to distribute goods throughout the city in a seamless, sustainable way. The network connects between consolidation centers, neighborhood storage spaces and local retailers using a fleet of robotic transporters. The system enables shorter distribution distances, reducing unorganized truck

moon inspired lamp

The moon’s craters give it a mysterious, rather romantic look to those who love gazing at its surface. Designer Constantin Bolimond has recreated this unique landscape with his Armstrong Light Trap lamp.

armstrong orb lamp

The Armstrong lamp is an orb with a series of holes all around its surface. The holes are plugged with corks that make the whole assembly look a

Fun and Fury

17 Dec

Fun and Fury

The Mosspark is a very clever device that works as a power harnesser by the day and mosquito repellant at night. Essentially, children skip rope that is attached to the Mosspark Pole, which harnesses energy. This energy is stored and used to light up the mosquito repellant at night. A very innovative idea that can help save

A Proper Pouf

17 Dec

A Proper Pouf

The Polsino Pouf is buttoned-up and ready for your bum! It’s oh-so-dapper with its cuff and wood buttons which double as a handy place to store your magazines and books. Playful and preppy, it’s a lighthearted and ironic conversation starter where you can sit and store your favorite reads. Get it here!

Designer: Alessandro Damin for Formabilio


The cost of heating homes in cold weather can be too much for some households to handle. This ingenious little space heater can heat your home for just ten cents a day and uses no electricity.


Instead, it uses four candles and a cleverly-constructed heat disbursement system. There are just four pieces to the Egloo heater: a base, a grill,