The Mother Of Concept Designs – Party Hard with 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept

Entering into its first decade, the Red Dot Awards: Design Concept has everything to be proud about. The size it’s grown to, the power it exudes, the accomplishments that the winners achieve and the impact of the win are magnanimous. Was I expecting this year


very specific cutlery lee ben david

It seems safe to say that, outside of a finishing school or royal dinner, most of us stick with the basic silverware set for meals. Fork, spoon, butter knife, and maybe a sharp knife. Maybe even a salad fork if we want to get very fussy. But there was a time when silverware sets included an absurd number of devices,

Behind Locked Doors

30 Sep

Behind Locked Doors

Has it ever crossed your mind that someone can easily steal your electronic door passcode? Shit happens! More often than not, gullible people end up as victims and the wicked score another win. The Pattern Door Lock is designed in a way that the code combination is not easily visible. With Braille integrated, the locking system adds

wheeled rolling chair with handle

Unless you want to tire yourself out and put some serious strain on your furniture, you and most other humans just sit in whatever chairs are already in the room. The Rapide, designed by ONEMANDUO for Estonian furniture company Borg is a lounge chair that you can easily roll just about anywhere you want to take it.

rapide wheeled handled lounge chair

rolling chair with a handle

Designed with two

The Power Of A Fan!

29 Sep

The Power Of A Fan!

The Self-Generator is an amazing ceiling fan concept that can preserve the mechanical energy after the fan has been powered-off. The system uses electromagnetic induction and the remainder mechanical energy is converted into electricity and saved in the capacitor. This reserved energy can be used for next time.

The designers explain, “according to the energy

Minimalist iPad Stand 1

With its slim, elegant one-piece form, the Yohann iPad stand is a minimalist solution offering six different positions for your Apple device at three convenient angles in either portrait or landscape perspective. Stable on both hard and soft surfaces, the stand has openings at the base for quality sound transmission and to plug in your lightning cord.

Minimalist iPad Stand 2Minimalist iPad Stand 3

Available in handcrafted

Time Killer 1

Need to kill some time? This suicidal clock made up of a saw embedded in a slice of wood will be happy to do it for you, but only when you aren’t paying attention. When you leave the room, ‘Time Killer’ will start sawing away. Come back in, and it’ll stop. This strange, seemingly sentient piece is one of a


What if you could lift up your house and position it like a telescope so that it focuses on the distant horizon? That’s essentially what PRAUD did with this two-story private residence near Chungpyong Lake in South Korea, lifting a rectangular architectural volume and propping it up on a smaller one to make it seem like it’s leaning.


The cantilevered

Amazing Showers

26 Sep

Amazing Showers

The Calientamigos is quite a clever showering system that uses minimum input and delivers maximum output. Allow me to explain, not all can afford the luxury of a warm bath. In essence they don’t have hot running water to heat and pressurize water for bathing, cooking and cleaning. To solve this problem we have here the three modular

No Limits For A Swim

25 Sep

No Limits For A Swim

Combining a prosthetic leg and swimwear in a clever design, Della Tosin hopes to sufficiently enhance an amputee’s swimming experience. The design aims at balancing, maximizing energy return from launch off and flip-turns, and supporting the body through the latest technology. The wearable suit will assist single-leg amputees to compete with regular swimmers.

Here is