With 3 pots to cook and 1 pot to store, the Tefal Ovation cookware set will more than double your amount of kitchen cabinet space! Each pot can be stacked on top of each other thanks to its innovative nesting design. Even the lids go completely flat unlike others with static handles that get in the way. In varying sizes,

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At just 7mm thin, the OVISO illumination collection is one of the thinnest lighting solutions available. Whether mounted on the wall or ceiling, or in table or hanging pendant form, the elegantly slim design has minimal impact on the interior space except for a high-quality, uniform, glare-free glow.

Designer: Daniel Kübler


Yanko Design

A Cool Carafe

1 Oct


If you’re one of those people who occasionally take up bar-tending at parties, and you’ve got all the gear you need to whip up brain-melting cocktails, your inventory is missing the Flow Carafe by Avenue. The Tall glass container comes with a glass vial in the center. All you need to do is fill it up with water or brine


1 Oct


The Bevel cup comes in a unique design. It has some neat acrobatic abilities that give it the power to stand diagonally, upside down; but that’s not what attracted me to the Bevel cup. The packaging for the cup was more of a driving factor for me, and knowing that the design group put as much effort into the packaging


I wonder why not many people have worked towards making a commercial fully covered bicycle. It’s a relatively uncharted territory. However, we’ll have to do with concepts till then, won’t we? The Moon expandable urban vehicle is aptly named for its design style. Its perfectly circular shape with the cut across makes it look like a half-moon gliding down the


Akami chairs are some of the most reliable, comfortable and stackable chairs in the Gaber collection. They’re as ergonomic and stylish as they are sophisticated and comfortable. Thanks to the special 1034 elliptical holes in the back, the chair itself is able to breathe while the user experiences a sense of general well-being, even during prolonged use. The handle integrated

A Toast to Lighting

30 Sep


Similar to their Bottle Lamp, the latest in Ambientec’s collection of tabletop lighting, Xtal sets the mood with elegant simplicity thanks to its cordless design. The rechargeable luminaire looks just like a glass, making it right at home at the dinner table. The double-sided LED developed originally by Ambientec irradiates light in all directions, enabling the Xtal to produce beautiful


This 6,000mAh USB Powerbank provides all the power you need for most smartphones, tablets, cameras and more. It has two integrated flip out silicone charging cables – one with Lightning connector and one with Micro USB tip. There is also an additional 0.5A USB port that lets you charge any other USB-rechargeable device. The battery re-charges flush against the wall

Skate a Sculpture

29 Sep


Straying away from the plastic Penny Boards, Malmötrafiken makes handmade shortboards of solid wood for the conscious rider who knows that wood is better and more beautiful! The project started with 4 meters of raw elm and ash, a carpenters bench and a chisel. After a few barefoot blisters, loads of sweat and a few beers, the result is an


Picture this. You’re sitting at a table with a group of colleagues, with an AC above you on full blast. You’ve got your sweater on, but you’re still freezing. Meanwhile, on the other side, this hefty guy’s sitting in a half sleeve shirt with pit-stains, complaining about the heat. As exaggerated as that may seem, that’s what work is like