Doing away with the need to fiddle with or carry easily lost keys! This combination lock for the visually impaired uses Braille for fuss-free operation.

Designer: Edouard Guesne


Yanko Design

at King Of Christmas save money at the same time with one of our many beautiful artificial Christmas trees


Bear Papa screwdrivers offer a friendly introduction of tools to kids that you can keep safely at home. The body of each lovable bear can be split to three parts: head, torso and feet. The two-way ratchet screwdriver is settled with a magnetic bit holder of the head. Moreover, the torso can be removed from the feet which contain six

Brass Bookends by Commune Design in L.A.

The beautiful, ancient alloy is a comeback kid. And we think the brass are going to like this! Brass is definitely worth eyeing for your home decor. Just wait until you see what we have in store.

V-Lite in Brass

Award-winning Los Angeles-based studio Commune most recently snagged the 2015 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Interior Design. Their clients and projects have


The Meshbottle is an entirely plastic-free, non-metallic water bottle that locks beverages in glass from top to bottom. All components are made from high quality glass or food-safe silicone. One of the main features of the Meshbottle is that it is very easy to clean: The cap disassembles quickly and can be turned inside out to access hard-to-reach areas. Since

Most of the concept faucets will never be manufactured but it’s interesting to observe how designers keep coming up with more concept ideas again and again, and how people react. I guess, as humans, we’re naturally attracted to water, and a simple device designed to control the flow of the water can fascinate us as much as some house complete

Bendy wendy Bandaid

1 Sep


This is possibly the most simple thing but it’s high time band-aids became less of an annoying eyesore. They fray and come apart, sometimes they cut off blood circulation, and they’re virtually impossible to shower with. It’s about time designers solved these problems, even if it’s one step at a time.

Designer Lin Huahui decided it was time to bring

cyprus curved chapel

Without the little cross on top, you might never guess that this whimsical little building is actually a Greek Orthodox chapel. Located in Paphos, Cyprus, the chapel combines two styles typical of churches in this area.



Inland, churches usually features sloped roofs with double aisles. Nearer the coast, they tend to sport a single arched volume and a single aisle.

Life-Saving Bracelet

31 Aug


Designed with runners, hikers, and campers in mind, Peacelet aims to provide easy access to venom antidotes in the event of emergency. Worn directly on the wrist, each Peacelet contains pea-sized capsules of various antidotes for snakebites, accidental mushroom ingestion and bee stings. Wearers can simply find the graphic indication of the type of antivenin, squeeze out the appropriate capsule

Avant Garde Card!

31 Aug


Now here’s something refreshingly brilliant. Designer Li Wenkai raised a fundamental question. Why is the Credit Card flat? Does it need to have a seamless flat surface? Picking one off a table or counter is near impossible because of this flat design.

The Fulcrum revisits how cards look, with one simple but life-changing element. It adds a bump and a

tiny house 1

Customized to their needs with a pop-up canopy and fold-down stoop, this tiny vacation home on wheels helps one young family avoid both the crowds and the high prices of seaside resorts. Bulgarian designer Hristina Hristova built a narrow, lightweight structure on top of a trailer base, limiting it to nine feet wide so it’s still street-legal.

tiny house 2

tiny house 3

The result is