Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most difficult for patients and their loved ones not only because of the mental deterioration but also the lack of independence and stigma associated with dementia. This system of devices, called Emma, work together to bring the user independence and positive behavioral reinforcement to ease their suffering during the moderate stages of the disease.

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Earphone makers may have managed to cancel out the noise but they’ve yet to cancel out the ugly! Sure, the tech has come a long way considering it’s now available in an in-ear form, but styles haven’t quite caught up. Sparrow earbuds combine the best of form and function, delivering high-def audio with noise-cancellation in a compact, minimalistic package! Two


The Z Chair gets its name from the ‘Z’ shaped structure of its framework, but there’s more to it than just alphabetic resemblance. Its faceted design gives it a real edgy, modern character that one usually sees in bar-stools. The Z curves upwards providing a serif-ish foot rest that definitely grabs my fancy! The welded pipe frame ensures the chair

Outdoors and Chill

23 Jun


Earlier this week, we saw the trampoline chair, today we take a look at the hanging tent chair! The Cacoon is your hammock upgrade that you can hang from anywhere and instantly make it your cozy little zen space!

Designed to feel like a hammock, but give you the leisure and shade of a tent, the Cacoon is perfect for


If you’ve ever played rugby, football or another field sport, you’re probably familiar with cone drills. However grueling, they’re a great workout and training exercise! The Cone Speaker takes inspiration from this style of training and blends in with the other cones so you have tunes while you work up a sweat. After all, there’s nothing like music to get


The Mobot may sound like some type of robotic product, but it isn’t. The bot comes from the word bottle, rather than robot. At the end of the day, the Mobot is a bottle with much more to it than you’d think. Its design may look outwardly unusual, but it’s your miniature gym. The water inside the bottle keeps you


There are a lot of devices out there that claim to be able to teach you how to play a guitar. The truest thing however, is that only a guitar can teach you how to play a guitar. Pressing buttons or running your finger across a capacitive touch pad doesn’t provide an experience authentic enough to materialize into a guitar


The Grasshopper conceptual bike looks unusually fresh, but the keen YD enthusiast will be able to draw parallels with this Honda conceptual bike from more than 10 years ago. Design, like history, repeats itself. Braun’s designs were reinvented in Apple’s Steve Jobs days. The Grasshopper conceptual bike explores a hollow chassis design in a world where everyone wants hubless wheels.


The Suzak is one of those products where if you sat on it with your eyes closed, you’d just enjoy the seating experience without knowing how bizarre it looks. Open your eyes and you’re in for a sculptural treat. The Suzak chair, in all honesty, looks like a hammock had love-babies with the catapult from Angry Birds. Its unconventional design


21 Jun


The selfie stick is running out of products to merge itself with. The latest host to the selfie stick virus is the broom! The Selfie Broom seems like an absurd concept altogether that you’d see on late night television, but here’s why it may actually be an idea worth considering. The selfie broom isn’t just a random fusion between two