White Interior on Russel Hill Road Toronto

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 - Modern Design

If you prefer your home design to be sleek and contemporary, but not too spare, then you’ll truly enjoy the Interior on Russel Hill by gh3 architects. This home, once a drab 1970s residence, now looks fantastically up-to-date with the clarity of crisp white interior and powerful contrasting natural materials.

Painted surfaces are definitely in the majority, but clean white Corian makes high-traffic and working areas resistant to wear and tear. The living room, set off by a stellar spiral staircase, takes advantage of geometry to create a breathtakingly balanced effect – curvy chairs by Jacobsen and Cherner bring retro-elegance to an otherwise blocky and organized space.

Richly stained black floors lead visitors through cozy offices, a relaxing square-tiled bath, and past massive light-flooded windows – all primarily decorated in step with the modern design of the rest of the home.

So what do you think? Does the Interior on Russel Hill Road make you want to whip out the white paintbrush?

via: freshome

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