Whimsical Tiny Crocheted Skulls


Is it possible for something to be “creepily cute”? If so, these whimsical Crocheted Skulls are doing a fantastic job at fitting the bill.

These little Halloween skulls come in sets of ten, perfect for casual groupings and decorative arrangements. DeweyDecimalCrafts over at Etsy tightly crochets each one-of-a-king piece so that it holds form – which is important, because guests will not be able to resist touching and playing with these fun little skulls (as it turns out, each skull just so happens to fit perfectly on the tip of a finger!)

Best of all, these Crocheted Skulls are not limited to just Halloween-inspired home decorating ideas – they make great gifts and would look adorable on a nightstand or stacked around a vase of old flowers.

Made from soft white cotton and spectacularly crafted into structurally sturdy forms, DeweyDecimalCraft’s Tiny Crocheted Skulls are a great example of how ordinary materials can show a delightfully surprising side at the hands of a talented artist.

Whimsical Tiny Crocheted Skulls - image  on http://bestdesignews.com

Whimsical Tiny Crocheted Skulls - image  on http://bestdesignews.com

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