Which Kind of Flooring Would Suit Your Interior Design

Friday, July 27th, 2012 - Interior Design

The type of flooring that you use in your home can set the style for the interior. Since the flooring is a dominant item that covers such a large area, it is usually one of the first items selected when planning the interior. Flooring is broken down into two categories: hard surfaces and soft surfaces.

Hard Surface Flooring:

Hard surfaces include all types of wood, tile, stone and concrete. As a general rule, most hard surface flooring is best for a modern or contemporary interior style, because of its colder appearance.

Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring is available in planks, tiles and various patterns and colors. The most popular flooring choices are oak, walnut, teak and bamboo. Oak is the hardest of these woods, making it the first choice. Take a look at the huge oak flooring range at Ambience to get a feeling for the different style and color tones.

Because of it’s warm tones of yellow, tan or brown, wood flooring can lend itself to a more traditional interior as well as a modern one. Adding an oriental rug in warm colors can quickly create a softer, more traditional feeling in the space.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is now available in so many sizes, patterns, colors and looks – even resembling wood, brick, stone and concrete – that it’s easy to choose something that works with your décor. Tiles have little cushion and no natural warmth which makes them great in warm climates where you need a cool floor under your feet, but not so good in cold climates. Because of their sleek appearance, tiles work best in modern or contemporary settings.

Stone Flooring

Stone is a popular flooring choice today, but definitely lends itself more to contemporary interiors. Choices include granite, marble, travertine, limestone and slate, which all come in an array of beautiful colors. Stone flooring is fairly easy to maintain, but it can crack or chip if something is dropped on it. It offers no sound absorption at all, so area rugs can help with softness and acoustics.

Concrete Flooring

Today’s popular loft style homes have created a big demand for concrete floors that can be plain, scored, patterned and stained various colors. It’s a great look for the simplicity of loft living and fits the very modern, even industrial style interior. Concrete floors would not work with a traditional interior because of their hard, cold, sterile visual appearance.

Soft Surface Flooring:

Soft surfaces include all types of carpeting and area rugs that are available in endless choices of style, color and pattern, and materials such as wool, nylon, rayon, or combinations. All soft floor coverings add visual softness, warmth, texture, resilience and sound absorption to a room. Depending on the style, color and pattern, soft surface flooring can work with either a traditional or contemporary room style.

Selecting Your Flooring Materials

Choosing the right flooring for your space is important, since it’s a major purchase that will last for years to come. In addition to style choice, consider these important factors:

  1. Durability – longevity of the floor based on your lifestyle
  2. Resilience – cushion under your feet for impact and fatigue
  3. Sound Absorption – noise levels in the house
  4. Light Reflection – more light makes the space seem larger and brighter
  5. Warmth – actual warmth and visual warmth

Your flooring should reflect the overall interior design style of your home, but must also be functional for your family’s lifestyle. You may love the look of ultra modern interiors with hard stone or concrete floors, but this doesn’t work well if you have small children, since these floors offer no cushion for falls and no sound absorption. Think about style combined with your lifestyle for the best choice.

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