Weekly Top Five: Furniture

Thursday, July 5th, 2012 - Modern Interior

by Staff | Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Weekly Top Five: Furniture - image 7c526_KI_Hub on http://bestdesignews.com1. Hub modular seating in plywood and laminate by KI, 800-424-2432; ki.com.

Weekly Top Five: Furniture - image 7c526_DDC-Domus-Design-Collection-Bahir on http://bestdesignews.com2. DDC Domus Design Collection- Bahir sofa and stool with solid wood frame and removable top cover by DDC Domus Design Collection, 212-685-0800; ddcnyc.com.

Weekly Top Five: Furniture - image 7c526_393583-Vitra_Silent_Wall on http://bestdesignews.com 3. Silent Wall freestanding divider by Vitra, 212-463-5700; vitra.com.

Weekly Top Five: Furniture - image 7c526_392136-Designlush_Goldlush on http://bestdesignews.com4. Designlush- Goldlush
Artist Aaron R. Thomas uses liquidmetal spray to create his glitzy, made-to-order Goldlush treestump tables. Finish options include silver, gold, rose gold, copper, and bronze pewter. The standard 18-inch height is customizable (width, of course, will vary depending on the age of the tree). Artist Mikael Nilsson adds birds in charred wood and wire. 212-532-5450; designlush.com.

Weekly Top Five: Furniture - image 98b9e_393590-Allsteel_Beyond on http://bestdesignews.com5. Allsteel- Beyond
Beyond walls in aluminum and glass by Allsteel, 563-262-4800; allsteeloffice.com.

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