Vibrant Wall Paper For Colourful Looking Kids Rooms

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 - Interior Design

It is an exciting option to decorate kids’ rooms. No matter what is the age, children love to see their favourite things on the walls of their rooms. Wallpapers with kids’ favourite designs can be a wonderful and easy way to renovate the kids’ room. When lively and colourful wallpapers are used, the entire room can get a fresh and bubbly look – much like the kids themselves.

Soothing Effect For Room Via Wall Murals
wall murals soothing room effect

What kind of wall decor you can choose for your kids’ rooms? It is a good idea to give a white, pale cream, off-white or beige kind of basic wall colour to your kids’ room. Even if the kids’ room happens to be on the smaller side, having a basic pastel shade will make the room look cleaner and more spacious. These shades can make the room look clutter free and roomy too. But pastel shades sometimes do look drab after some years!

Zooming and Vrooming Cars and Trucks
Wall Paper Using Cars

So when you want a renovated look for your kids’ room, the basic pastel shades come quite handy. You can apply a wall decal of some favourite design, cartoon figure, animal or natural scenes on one wall. Or you can apply vivid colored fresh looking wallpaper with the kid’s favourite designs on one of the walls and leave the other walls with the same pastel shade.

Shining like Jewels and Gems
Shining Jewels Wall Murals

When you think of applying wallpaper against the pastel wall decor – you do not have to think of only sober and pale shades. Wallpapers can look dramatic and vibrant. Select some deep shades with good designs that may bring a touch of gaiety into the room. Choose a colour to match the drapes and rugs/cushions. Today with the kind of eclectic designs and colourful patterns that are available, you can easily pick some bright color and pattern to suit the décor of the room.

Reaching for Shining Stars
reaching for shining stars

With the new-fangled technology, wallpapers are no longer difficult to apply. You can ask your interior decorator to check out options and colour combinations to suit your needs exactly. You can check out with him as what kind of wallpaper can suit your kids’ room specifically. You should ask him how many rolls you may require so that you can get one roll extra for contingency purposes.

Rainbows and Golden Skies
rainbows and golden skies

Here are some images of beautiful looking wallpapers with the traditional favourite designs of kids from Wall Candy Arts. How pretty the butterflies look on the wall! And look at the fairy castle and princesses? Tell me which is your favourite?

Multi Colour Butterflies on Wall
multi colored butterflies on wal

Ice Creams on Walls
ice creams on walls

Green Apples on Peach Wall
green apples on peach wall

Fairy Castles and Princesses
fairy castle and princess

Double Deckers in Delightful Blue
double deckers in delightful blue

Blue Sky and White Clouds
blue sky and white clouds

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