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Friday, July 29th, 2016 - Uncategorized


Now that Google’s dropped the curtain on Ara and what its possibilities are, maybe we’ll see regular smartphones with modular attachments too. To be honest, that sounds much better than a phone with a small camera module that can slide right off on its own. The Galaxy S8 is a conceptual flagship for Samsung’s future. Now without talking about how similar it looks to the iPhone (moral high-ground, buddies) let’s look at its cool set of add-ons. The phone comes with a set of plug-n-use modules that are what geek dreams are made of. The modules include a heart-monitor (bye bye, fitness wearable), a 360° camera, a speaker module (because slim phones can barely have convincingly loud ringtones), and the most exciting of the lot, a projector module! Let’s just say I’m hella excited for the future of mobile again!

Designer: Bharani Viswanathan (91 Mobiles)








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