Trendy Bathroom Faucet is Pureness of Design, Grace of Form

Saturday, April 4th, 2015 - Interior Design

One of the few purist designs you don’t see every day. In a world of the modern bathroom, where every faucet shape has already been invented, the new 22mm faucet by Treemme is a refreshing newcomer. The purity of the design is drawn from a combination of clean geometry and the fact that all parts are of the same 22mm diameter – that includes the perfectly arched spout and easy-to-grip controls. There appears to be 4 different options for controls or control combinations. A very ergonomic design by Ocostudio and Ing Castagnoli, this faucet is definitely very easy to use and can be installed with many different types of washbasins. True to its Italian manufacturing quality, the 22mm collection is made of stainless steel. The controls can also be made in wood and Corian.
More information: Rubinetterie Treemme

We have not seen another faucet design with such simple symmetrical positioning of the hot and cold controls.

Another interesting way of positioning controls that we almost certainly haven’t seen before.

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