Tree Fungus Book Shelf cum Room Divider

Saturday, February 18th, 2012 - Interior Design

fungus wood room divider

Today we have been informed by Floris Wubben regarding their new design, which is the Tree Fungus that is basically a room divider but I think it can also serve the purpose of a book shelf. They are known for their innovative eco friendly designs and Tree Fungus is not an exception. This is made using the cut down pollar willows, the willow trunks are divided into two half and are attached with some fungus like structure. These fungus like shelves can be used for keeping books while they also serves the purpose of a room divider. When an willow stem is cut, we can see many fungi and moulds inside. This furniture piece depicts that natural element found in major Dutch areas.

wood fungus shelf

floris wubben room divider

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