Tiles That Add Beauty And A Touch Of Class

Friday, July 27th, 2012 - Interior Design

Tile is defined as a hard wearing material made from stone, metal, ceramics and glass even. These are used for roofing, flooring and counters in kitchen and other areas and even used on the tables etc, Nowadays synthetic materials are also used to make some of the tiles. Porcelain tiles, ceramic ties, with or without glaze and mosaic tiles are commonly used in construction. If you want stone tiles, granite, marble, slate or sometimes even onyx are used.

Most of us think that wooden flooring is the most in the fashionable and classy choice for flooring. Tiles are not as good a choice and they look ordinary and dull looking. Not so, today you have a wide variety of tiles available that can make your flooring, walls and ceilings look as great and stunning as you wish as well protect from dirt, water and wear and tear from use.

There are quite a few reasons to choose tiles over other material for flooring and wall cladding or ceiling and kitchen countertops etc. Tiles are very hygienic in that they do not give off smells etc when wet and are easy to clean. Because of the polished surface dust does not get attracted to tiles or stay for longer time.

It is very easy to clean and today with the latest technology, tiles are treated with anti-bacterial treatment and dust, mites etc do not stick to tiles. When tiles – whether ceramic or stone or whatever the finish – are properly laid out with correct treatment sealing etc, tiles do not wear out very fast either; they last for years without losing their looks.

Tiles are now available in a wide variety of colors and designs. You can choose light colors to make a small room bigger and look spacious and bright. But if you feel adventurous you can go bold and try out new chrome colors and designs. Especially you can create a beautiful focal point in each room with tiles alone.

Create a beautiful design of tile in the dining area, just above the side board or create a colorful looking backsplash in the kitchen over the sink area and try for matching or contrast shades above the countertop. Bathrooms can be made to look exciting and elegant with unique looking back splashes above the bath tub or in the shower cubicle.

Here are some images of beautiful bathrooms from Fapceramiche. Don’t you think they are stunning?

Dashing in Dark Brown and White
dashing dark brown and white1 630x432

Wonderful Yellow and Floral Backsplash
warm yellow and floral backsplash1 630x433

Warm Colored in Beige Tones
warm colored in beige tones1 630x429

Pretty Looking in Pink and White
pretty looking in pink and white1 630x429

Patterned Wall Tiles with Contrast Backsplash
patterned wall tiles with contrast backsplash1 630x437

Heart Warming Heart Themes in Red
heart warming heart themes in red1 630x433

Featured in Pristine White
featured in pristine white1 630x432

Cool Blues and Pristine White
cool blues and pristine white1 630x433

Classy Pink and Gray Combo
classy pink and gray combo1 630x432

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