The Alternative Ways to use Glass Balustrades in your Garden

Friday, January 22nd, 2016 - Exterior Design, Modern Exterior

No matter how large or small your garden, Balustrade Components believes that glass balustrades are perfect for every outdoor space. Whether you are opting for a minimalist, manicured look to your garden, or opting for a free-slowing space for fun and entertaining, glass balustrades bring chic, elegance and safety to it.


Thus, we have listed three main reasons why more and more people are coveting glass balustrades in their gardens and how they are being used effectively…

#1 Pools, ponds, water

British winters have a notorious habit of not being what we expect. Despite the rain and flooding, scientists predict that 2016 could be the hottest year on record. This is yet to be seen but, if predictions are true, here in the UK we could be spending more time out in the garden, enjoying the sun and the warmth.

Thus, it makes sense to make the garden the place that can be a dining room, the play room, the entertainment space and so on. And, many homeowners are looking to add more features and areas of interest.

These features ca be anything from a pool and water fall, to a hot tub or swimming pool. Water is an element that relaxes and soothes but, it is also a magnet for children and pets. When adult supervision is close by, all is well and good but there have been tragic cases of children drowning in unguarded, unsupervised pools and ponds.

At one time, the only solution was to fence it off, with a metal or wooden fence. But, glass balustrades have revolutionised this safety barrier, turning into a classy, elegant and delightful one. And yes, you can have a matching glass gate too.

However, we can hear the whimpers of “But glass? What if it breaks…?” Glass that is used in balustrades for balconies or staircases, inside or outside the home or business are made from layer upon layer of toughened, tempered glass.

What this means is that it rarely, if ever, shatters into zillions of tiny fragments. Rather it chips, if it is damaged on the edges or corner, and only cracks, rather than shatters.  And frankly, the effort it takes to damage or break it is beyond what you and your family can deliver.

#2 Creating spaces and sections

Big gardens or little gardens are open plan spaces in most cases. You look from your home, across what it, hopefully, a vast expanse of lawn, a few plants dotted about here and there, as well as some pretty shrubs and trees.

But, wouldn’t it be great, if you could have ‘sections’ or parts of it that were not strewn with garden toys and half-inflated paddling pools?

You might want to create a space that is for relaxing, such as bespoke design patio or decking? A great space to entertain too, a built in BBQ and fire pit would really finish the look off with more than a dash of elegance and aplomb.

What would really set it off, we think is for part of the garden to be sectioned or separate but not by opaque, wooden fences. We are thinking cool modern elegance and style with glass balustrades. They can form an effective barrier or denote a space, without encroaching too much on the eye.

After all, who wants a great big fence, slicing the garden in half?

You can trail plants around it, better still, drape some outdoor fairy lights across it or over it and watch them glitter and sparkle as night falls.

#3 Beware of the gap!

Edges are everywhere in the garden. They only be a matter of inches when it comes to the drop but patios, decking, small verandas and so on, all have an edge that can spell disaster for the ankles if someone took an unexpected step down.

Leaving it open and just warning every visitor that steps on it is one way of avoiding calamity or, you could include an effective safety barrier to do this job for you.

This does not mean cones, red tape, flashing warning lights and a large fence; we are thinking more of an elegant glass balustrade that is securely fixed to your decking or structure. It should be high enough to stop people accidentally falling over, and sturdy enough to support the weight of people.

In essence, what we are trying to say about glass balustrades is that they can be a prominent feature in your garden, or they can blend in. But, we think that once you see the designs you can create, you won’t want to hide them.

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