Terrific Looking TV Beds for Stylish Bedrooms

Thursday, July 26th, 2012 - Interior Design

Imagine how nice to have a weekend spending in bed, catching up on all the entertainment you missed during the work days! Having a built-in TV into your bed foot board can do just that. Non-stop entertainment all from the comfort of your bed at the touch of a remote! And the TVs can slide into the footboard just again at the touch of a button when you want to sleep! How luxurious and comfy does that sound!

Floral in Beige Tones
floral in beighe tones 630x458

Today TV beds are greatly popular and are called the symbol of luxurious and indulgent entertainment that you can have in your own bedroom without even getting up from your bed. TV sets are now built-in right into the footboard of your bedstead with all the controls arranged right within reach for your convenience. With a high headboard, you can sit back or even you can lie down to watch your favourite show!

Yellow Bed with Storage Underneath
yellow bed with storage underneath 630x458

Do not think only big homes who want to enjoy the luxury of watching TV in your own bed can use the TV beds. It can be a good option for people who live in small size homes that seem to have a permanent space crunch. Instead of having a separate media console or entertainment cabinet that will take precious space, a TV bed is a great alternative.

With Quilted Headboard with Button Details
with quilted headboard with button details 630x458

Small home or studio apartment owners – who are always on the lookout for new furniture that will solve the problem of space shortage, will welcome this furniture. Single room-kitchen setups and studio apartments cannot obviously have a separate area for media entertainment needs. Since there is so little spare space, TV beds are great options to save space.

View of TV Fitted Centrally
view of TV fitted centrally 630x458

TV beds come with great storage options. You can have an optional storage space for DVD players and games console. Also some of them house satellite box for viewing all your choice programs on a LED slim flat screen preferably. The TV screen can be pulled out for viewing with a button on the remote and can be hidden right inside the footboard safely while do not want to watch TV.

Upholstered in Blue Gray
upholstered in blue gray 630x458

The TV beds come in king size bed, queen size beds or double bed sizes. You can have them upholstered as per your choice. Here are some images of beautiful looking TV beds from Dreams. Look at the colourful looking chocolate brown leather bed with padding and button details! Check out all to see which is your favourite?

Pristine White with Matching Side Table
pristine white with matching side table 630x458

Dark Brown with TV Stored Inside
dark brown with TV stored inside 630x458

Cocoa Brown Bed with TV
cocoa brown bed with TV 630x458

Chocolate Brown with High Headboard
chocolate brown with high headboard 630x458

Bed with TV In View
bed with TV in view 630x458

Bed with TV In View
tv double bed

Leather Bed With TV Embedded
leather beds with tv 630x343

Double Leather Bed With TV Embedded
double bed with tv

All White with Striped Linen
all white with striped linen 630x458

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