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Elamang Avenue House is a fantastic modern home that displays a carefully studied space arrangement fit for a modern lifestyle. Luigi Rosselli Architects were the ones who designed the residence located in Sydney, Australia. The owners asked them to build a comfortable home, so the architects created a balanced, sustainable house explained in the sentences below: “It’s

Euralyus House 02 750x562 Modern Residence Showcasing Tasteful Visual Contrasts in Australia

Euryalus Street House is a contemporary project recently completed by Australian studio Luigi Rosselli Architects. The impressive residence is located in Mosman, a suburb on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. Here is a description from the architects: The plan of this house has two distinct wings and a narrow connection between the two. The connection contains a

The Avenue by Neil Architecture Multi Residential Suburban Home: The Avenue by Neil Architecture

Designed as a multi-residential building, the Avenue showcases a splendid solution to constructing a home that does not fit the usual typology of a suburban residence displaying a garage at the entrance. : “As a rejection of this prevailing model the project sought to sensitively provide a high quality infill development as a modest and discreet intervention to the

Hello, my name is Lisa.  I am (gulp) a modernist who loves color.  There I said it, the truth is out!  I enjoy the nuances of greens, blues, yellows and my all-time favorite aquamarine.  And not just on a throw pillow, mind you.  I long to see it up on my walls and even (dare I say it!) on the

Marcus Beach House 01 750x393 Diverse Contemporary Home Communicating With Its Surrounding Landscape

The Marcus Beach House was designed by Australian studio Bark Design Archit. ects and is located in Queensland, Australia. Here is the project description from the architects: The basic plan of the Marcus Beach house was sketched out in the sand during an early site visit: a simple diagram of two pavilions placed either side of a venerable Morton

Oxlade House 01 750x749 Unusual Architecture Details in Queensland, Australia : Oxlade House

The Oxlade House was designed by studio Arkhefield and is located in Queensland, Australia. According to the architects, the building is “sited within a transitional zone between traditional Queenslanders and a mix of post-]1960s housing stock. Despite an eclectic streetscape, town planning codes dictated that the house must adopt a Character Housing typology. This planning constraint challenged and grounded the

Browne Street House by Shaun Lockyer Architects Volumes and Voids: Browne Street House by Shaun Lockyer Architects

The Browne Street House spreads over 330 square meters on an urban lot in Brisbane, Australia as a modern reinterpretation of Queenslander architectural typology, showing the evolution of local style. Designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects, the house displays forms that meet and intersect to create volumes and voids that shape the residence into a interesting collection of architectural elements.

Allegra 01 750x500 Spectacular Waterfront Crib in Australia: Allegra House

Welcome to a contemporary home that impresses due to its imposing architecture and fabulous location. Allegra House  is a joint design effort by TCL Homes and Think Design Studio. The residence was built by Michael Easton Construction in Sovereign Islands, Australia. According to the architects, “this magnificent full concrete contemporary family home spans 11,151 square foot on a 9,784

RG Residence 2 Fabulous RG Residence with Modern Elegance by Mim Design Australian design practice Mim Design has outdone themselves when creating the interiors of this astounding home. Located in Australia, the RG Residence captures glimpses of glamour in a collection of beautiful, bright spaces. From the entry, silver and grey seem to be the primary accent colours, while softer and lighter colours were used as background. Reflective surfaces in the hallway

Narrabeen House Street Level Suburbia On the Edge of a Lagoon

On the edge of the Narrabeen Lagoon, a residence overlooking a wild, untouched island covered in casuarina trees, shelters contemporary living spaces for a lucky family. The street view hides the lagoon beyond and conveys a comfortable feeling of suburbia. The architects from Choi Ropiha Fighera found themselves “drawn to the suburban qualities of the street and this