Superb luxury tourist destinations this year

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If you plan to splurge on a vacation this year, undoubtedly want it to be memorable. Whether you are going away on honeymoon or getting some much needed time away from kids or a stressful job, but you probably conjured images panoramic views of the ocean, blue skies and lush cocktails.

will not be disappointed with five destinations, as they are set to be this year’s top destination for luxury holidays, and for good reason. Italy” src = “”alt =” “width =” 600 “height =” 275 “/> first South Africa If you had South Africa bound as dry and dusty land filled with the Bushmen and rhinos, then May you be in need of updated pictures. When it comes to luxury places to stay, the list is endless, from luxury five-star resorts and spas classic safari lodges and cozy colonial style bed and breakfast. If you consider the County wine country of rich, majestic wilderness, wild plains and gorgeous beaches, you’ll have to admit that South Africa truly has it all. 2nd Thailand holiday makers who want to escape the luxury beach resort, Thailand is an excellent choice. It is known for its world-class resorts, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, but if you really want to live the high life for a few days, Thailand also has some of the best opportunities for sailing in the world. Sailing will also give you the opportunity to explore some of the country’s islands, where you can find some exclusive resort away from the hustle and bustle of other visitors. 3rd Egypt mysterious Egyptian pyramids fascinating temples and the beautiful waters of the Red Sea make for a fantastic luxury holiday combination. You can take a cruise on the River Nile, to spend the day exploring the historical museum in Cairo, to go on a trip to see the pyramids and sphinx, go snorkeling or just relax and enjoy the comfort of one of the many five star hotels and resorts. 4th Croatia This is one of the little-known luxury destinations in Europe, which is a good thing for you because it means that there is no invasion of tourists. This is a stunning series of small islands off the coast and the island of Hvar is particularly known for its beautiful beaches and luxurious accommodations. If you want to see a little more country, Dubrovnik is a great place to try local cuisine and visit the historic (and recently restored) sites. 5th Italy This may be a clich ©, and the list would be complete without this charming little boot-shaped country known for its wine, food and rich culture. It is something to suit everyone, from the ancient ruins in Rome, Venice, quaint streets to high-end swanky shopping center of Milan. Beach lovers will be disappointed, because Italy has much to offer from the coast of Puglia expensive and popular beaches in Sicily and Sardinia. If you want to change the landscape for some time, the Italian Lakes with its mountainous background will provide you with a quiet weekend getaway. guest post contributed Daniel Meade name online bingo site Posh Bingo – Play free bingo in style . Luxissues

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