Super golf carts

14 Jul

Super h3 golf carts Thu I’m a golfer, but he built the golf enthusiasts who took me on the golf course in any particular case. So I understand the sanctity of golf clubs, carts, and even a golf bag! I’d like to dedicate this Tour Caddie – ProPod Golf carts all the time I misunderstood you the Birdie ‘,’ Calcutta ‘and’ eagle ‘. This unique shell motorized handle is specially designed by Mike Powell for the design and has some great innovations.
Propod the all-weather, all in one solution that golf has a battery-powered sensor that includes three modules for easy transportation, easy operation and simple installation ready for the course. Features:

  • efforts of progressive management achieves single joystick controller.
  • built in control panel and GPS rangefinder all help a player to concentrate on your game.
  • includes the weather sealed storage compartments, insulated drink compartment spaces and a system for cleaning the wheels.
  • Propod You can customize with a range of colors and equipment options.
  • Thu designer AME Design   Yanko Design

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