Suffolk Church Raises Enough Money For New Roof Repair Costs

Friday, February 17th, 2012 - Architecture

A 14th century church in Suffolk has had a broken roof and damaged roof tiles for the past two years because they have been unable to afford to fix it. However, after receiving endless donations and grants over the past couple of years, the church has now raised enough money to repair the impairment.

St Mary’s Church in Tuddenham St Mary suffered the roof damage when capping stones fell off during the night and it has affected funeral services at the church because uneven ground led the coffin-bearers to re-route. What is more, there have been fears that the roof could leak in water and that the stones on the opposite side of the building could fall off.

But local roofing contractors can now be hired to carry out the repair work after the £20,000 funding target was reached and the work has been deemed extremely important because the church is at the centre of the village.

Grants were given from the Historic Churches group as well as The Wolfson Foundation and Lord Belstead; and a further £1000 was raised by hosting a concert last summer. Work on the roof is now expected to be completed by the summer and the donations could not have come at a better time due to the recent harsh weather in the UK. Sharp frosts or heat can loosen the tiles even more, so the repair job will ensure that this doesn’t happen and there will no longer be a danger of anything falling off. A new roof cost can be fairly expensive but it is vital that you mend any broken tiles to avoid any nasty accidents as well as leaks.


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