Spectacular Palm Beach House

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 - Modern Design

Spectacular Palm Beach House

The only thing more fabulous than the white modern interior of the Palm Beach House is the stunning panoramic view of the waterscape and coastline to the south.

Windows above a double-height void lend a spacious quality to the main living area while providing ample sunlight and playful hints of greenery. Glossy surfaces and smooth white interior walls help to illuminate the soft and shadowy ceiling. The classically designed dark wood chest of drawers and serving table adds a splash of traditional charm to otherwise strictly contemporary furniture.

The ultra-sophisticated bathroom is absolutely perfect. Sleek fixtures and furnishings complement the glamorously reflective black charcoal colored tiles. A striking row of mirrors stretch across the length of the room, doubling both the perceived amount of space and the feeling of luxury.

MCK Architects always produces fabulous work, but the Palm Beach House is definitely a great example of ultimate paradise.

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