Sophisticated And Versatile Daybeds – Extremely Practical Choice


Our choice of furniture depends on a variety of factors – our lifestyle, space availability, décor preferences and of course budget. Today there is enormous choice in furniture available to us. As a result, we can choose furniture that fits in exactly to our needs.

While some furniture is basic, essential and unchanging like beds or dining sets, some furniture concepts bring us additional benefits and uses. These pieces help address additional or transitional needs like extra space, increased comfort etc. It makes excellent sense to buy furniture that can be used for multiple purposes, especially when space is limited. One such concept is the daybed.

Daybeds are a practical option as they combine the best features of a sofa and a bed. Looking like an extra-wide sofa, daybeds are a single-piece set with a frame and a comfortable seat. Their distinctive feature is the back, which is usually large and elaborate.

Doing double duty as a bed, the daybed can be a convenient option for a guest to sleep-in due to its large stand. In the day, the daybed is a comfortable place to read, lounge or even catnap. You can keep them in your living room, the study, a home-office or a bedroom. This versatility is what makes it such so popular. The daybed is particularly favoured for children’s room as it can be used by your child to play, read, study and also be an extra bed in case of a sleepover.

The variety in daybeds is so much that it can be confusing to pick the right one! Some factors for consideration are: the location of the daybed, intended use, décor style of the house, need for extra bed, and need for extra storage.

Many daybeds come with extra storage in the form of pull-out drawers below the bed. Some daybeds come with a pop-up trundle, which is actually a bed that is stored at the bottom of the daybed but can be set up to the level of the seat to make a full-sized bed. Others have pull-out beds at the lower level. So your choice depends on what you want the daybed to do for you and your home.

Similarly, as there is a large range of options available, the material (wood, metal or leather), style of bedding, and daybed covers all rest upon what will look good and co-ordinate with the style of your home décor.

Daybeds has an extensive range of cute, functional and classy daybeds. Here is a selection from them, showing the different varieties available. So explore around and see what suits you the best.

Smart Looking Wooden Day Bed With Storage
wooden day bed with storage 630x444

Stylish Day Bed Sofa Ideas
stylish day bed sofa 630x470

Smart looking high bed with drawers
smart looking high bed with drawers

Smart Day Bed Storage Options
smart day bed storage options

Wooden Daybed with Slatted Back and Storage
wooden daybed with slatted back and storage 630x459

Wooden Daybed with Drawers
wooden daybed with drawers 630x526

Wood and Metal Combo Sleigh Daybed
wood and metal combo sleigh daybed 630x506

With Trundle Bed Option in Espresso Finish
with trundle bed option in espresso finish 630x486

Wide Divan like Daybed in Wood
wide divan like daybed in wood 630x516

Metal Sleigh Daybed with Pale Pink Upholstery
metla sleigh daybed with pale pink upholstery 630x541

Daybed with Storage underneath in White
daybed with storage underneath in white 630x527

Daybed with Matching Cabinet in Black
daybed with matching cabinet in black 630x526

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