Six most expensive musical instruments on the planet


of finely crafted, 300-year-old violins, guitars straight from the manufacturer of modern, musical instruments can often be more expensive than you would expect. There are a number of factors that may affect the price of a musical instrument, such as age, condition, previous owners (celebrity-owned) or the number of publications produced, but there are several models that are a good deal more expensive than others, and for good reason. Here are six most expensive musical instruments you can buy today.

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first Vieuxtemps Guarneri violin violin, when done right, is a thing of beauty, art made from only the highest quality materials. In 2010, Vieuxtemps Guarneri became the world’s most expensive violin, and is now on sale at Bein & Fushi music distributor in Chicago, for the fantastic price of 18 million U.S. dollars. Violin, named after the famous violinist Henri Vieuxtemps, was designed in 1741 by Giuseppe Guarneri only three years before his death. 2nd King Cello Six most expensive musical instruments on the planet - image  on cello can be grouped in the same class as the violin, and is also known to be one of the most expensive instruments a musician could make the most expensive one so far is the cello that was previously owned by King Charles IX of France. His cello, nicknamed “King”, dates from 1572 and worth more than ten million U.S. dollars. Third Kuhn BA ¶ sendorfer piano pianos come in many forms, from miniature models and digital pianos on the luxurious Grand piano used for large productions and Broadway musicals. The most expensive piano is currently on the market is a Kuhn-BÃ ¶ sendorfer piano which was conceived as a joint effort between Kuhn Studio and Ba ¶ sendorfer piano. The piano was loaded with 100,000 hand-cut and polished gems created by renowned glass designer John Kuhn. The piano can be purchased for $ 1.2 million and was accompanied by a “free” seat, which is, of course, inlaid with precious stones. 4th GoldCaster Six most expensive musical instruments on the planet - image  on Guitar Many people own a guitar that you can play or not. The guitar is probably the most popular and common tool today. Its appeal lies in its simplicity, as well as its diversity, but not everyone is looking for simplicity in the guitar. Currently the most expensive guitar in the world GoldCaster, Hollowbody guitar that is almost entirely made of gold. GoldCaster, designed Jhoseph king, has 18 top karat gold and many other features of pure gold. For only a million dollars, you can do this work of art of their own. 5th Silca Sax Six most expensive musical instruments on the planet - image  on saxophone can be a mysterious and attractive instrument with a rich full sound and smooth jazzy tones. If you are hoping to become the proud owner of the world’s most expensive saxophone, and then start saving up because Silca Sax, created diamonds in the glass, sold a whopping $ 60,000. Saxophone is completely handmade with a glass plated exterior finished with 2.82 ounces of gold and ten 2-carat diamonds. 6th Brady Wandoo Burl drums Six most expensive musical instruments on the planet - image  on Although drum kits have been around since 1800, have recently gained in popularity due to the great variety of music that emerged. Although owning a set of drums will not necessarily make you a better drummer, May you be interested to know that the most expensive drum kit available on the market today is Brady Wandoo Burl Drum Set 8pc. It sells for about $ 11,280 due to the fact that it was designed by the famous Brady company, which produces exclusive models and a small amount of their very own personalized ply shells. Author James from – gift ideas for the experience, visit here

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