Simple Remodel: Chess Floors Can Change the Game

Saturday, March 5th, 2016 - Interior Design

Checkered Floors: Black & White & Red All Over

You can do this in the smallest of kitchens. All this took was some tiles, a little red paint on the walls. There are red plastic tubs and one red dishcloth strategically placed. Voila, instant style! Source

A remodel of this scale may require a professional – but you can direct the action. We love how they’ve used the same tiles as a backsplash. This room would have nowhere near this presence without those black and white tiles. Source

This red Smegs refrigerator is just the cat’s meow, isn’t it? If you can afford to add red appliances, this really sets off that retro look. But there’s more to chess floors than retro. Source

Add Black & White Tile to Your Stainless Kitchen

Just look at the shine on that gorgeous black and white floor – looks like marble, doesn’t it? And it really glams up the kitchen. Paired with the stainless, it’s a much more elegant look. Source

Another contemporary kitchen with a gorgeous checkered tile floor. It really keeps costs down when you redo a floor in a smaller room like this. source

I know we’re here for the floor – and it’s a good example of how marvellously this chess floor pairs with stainless. But look at that stainless. What a stove and what a range hood. And then, there’s the fridge. Big sigh. Source

This is a modern gem of a kitchen – and the floor totally makes it, don’t you think? All black and white, except for the flowers. Striking. Source

Checkerboard Floor in Muted Modern Home

This elegant and muted modern look is nicely set off with the addition of black and white floor tiles. It ties the whole room together. Source

Add a Chess Floor to your Bathroom

This gothic bathroom really makes the most of black & white. The clawfoot tub is a perfect addition. As is, of course, the simple-to-install checkered floor. The rattan chair is a nice touch. Source

And here we’ve brought red into the black & white bathroom. It’s not as retro in the bathroom as it is in the kitchen, is it? This is modern and simple. Nicely done, and easy to do! Source

A very elegant bathroom. The high raised tank screams deco era and of course there’s a bidet. And the glossy chess floors. It would not be the same room with any other design. Source

Black & White Glossy in the Living Room

This living area is sleek and modern. The black & white tiles are positioned diagonally, to appear as diamonds, not squares. But tilt your head 45 degrees. Source

Another diamond orientation. Isn’t this an upscale room? It just looks so… wealthy. Love the plexi chairs. Source

Checkered Floors are de Rigueur for Sunrooms

Solarium, conservatory, sunroom. Could this room have anything but these floors? This is iconic. Source

Add a Chess Floor to Your Laundry Room

Doing a simple black & white tile floor in the laundry room really takes it up a notch and it’s a small space. That means less time to do it, and less money in materials. Source

Put a Checkerboard Floor in Your Garage

And then we have the garage, aka man cave. Isn’t this just like a race car driver’s hideout? Again, simple to do in the chess floors. Vroom. Source

A Chess Floor of Another Color

Why limit yourself to black and white when choosing your floor? White & anything works just fine!

You could make your kitchen a bright and cheerful place with this green checkerboard tile. Note the reclaimed crating for the cupboard facing. You could do that too. With wine crates, fruit crates – anything wooden that has a nice logo. Source

These muted yellow & white checkerboard kitchen floor tiles would be an easy job to do. Any room that’s small takes a lot less effort. We love the black with the yellow. Did you notice that the door is a chalk board? Source

You might want to use a red & white checkerboard tile for your kitchen floor. Adding black stripe wallpaper gives it a design style. Also simple to do! Source

This blue & white chess floor is perfect for the bedroom. Blue is a very relaxing color and it looks great in any room. You should try a different color in your renovation if you’re up for it. It could change your whole world. source

You Can Incorporate Chess Floors Outdoors

It would be really easy for you to copy this painted wood chess floor front porch. All you need is a ruler, some tape and a roller. And some paint. Go for it! Source

If you’re afraid a black & white chess floor might be too much for you day in, day out, you can rent one. That’s right – rent a chess floor dance floor. What a great idea for an outdoor party. Source

You knew this one had to be coming – an actual chess board. Sort of. Source

And there you have it – chess floors, aka checkerboard floors, aka checkered pattern floors – many, many examples of how you can change almost any room in the house with a little weekend project. Head out to the big box hardware store closest to you and get this project on the road!


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