Simple Guide to Remodeling Your Office Interior

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 - Interior Design

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Office interior could influence your work quality; it could energize you and lead to better performance or the opposite way to distract you so you could not concentrate on what you are doing. When you are so bore with your office interior and you find it not providing a supporting environment for your work performance, here is simple guide to remodeling your office interior.

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  • Before you start with anything, you need to consider have deep cleaning in your office. Sometime, the room look so ugly, boring, unattractive, and more, is not because bad interior design but because it is so dirty and unorganized. Cleaning is more affordable than change remodel the interior. After you clean it, you will see big different on your office.
  • The wall could be your next concern. Since you don’t want any distraction, you choose white. Do you know that white could not energize you? Why don’t you paint your wall with unsaturated bright yellow? You can also use wallpaper with neutral color in classic design for long lasting look. Wallpaper could help you to camouflage repairs on the wall. If you have panel molding, you can paint it to give more attractive look to the room.
  • If you don’t have much money to spend, you can easily re-arrange the furniture for different and fresh look. Don’t forget to consider electricity outlets available that you need to put computer table near it. Re-arrange furniture will also help you to have cleaner room because much dirt is hiding under the furniture. When you move the furniture and you see dirt, you will immediately clean it. If you find damage of your furniture, repair it. If you find useless, furniture, get rid them immediately.
  • If you have more money, you can replace the damage furniture or buy new furniture for different need. If you have small office and have many things to place, you can optimize the vertical placing using racks or shelf. Do not put too much chair of one or two is enough for you to save your space.
  • Lighting could give big impact to your room. Even the rest is the same, but when you change the light, your room will be look so different. Put table lamp or floor lamp and focus it to something will make it look more attractive.
  • Add more or change your decoration will create different look of your office. If you bore with mountain painting on your wall, you can change it. Painting from local artist could be affordable choice. Try to go out and visit local gallery to find interesting painting. Rug could be the other decoration to your office. Find a simple design for elegant look and not creating distraction.

After you finish with remodeling project, don’t forget to keep everything clean and organize. When you take something from the rack, make sure you put it back after you finish with it. Do not throw unused paper to the floor. It is better to prepare box for unused papers so you can recycle it.

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