Scheisse Pendant lamps, Exploding the lighting Bulb

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 - Home Interior

Scheisse is a blend of art and industrial design, an experiment with light and shadow as positive and negative forms. It creates a distinct shadow and sculpture in its environment. Wherever placed, Scheisse hopefully stand as a true icon for all light lovers. Northern Norway Lighting launches some new mood lighting: the exploding bulb and Moo, the softly glowing moose, a gentle trophy. These a large pendant, is a tribute to the classic light bulb, and the explosion a reflection of where it is classic. Moo, with bulbs in the horns too, is made ??of poly-resin, which ensures transparency and can be installed inside or outside.

Scheisse is a large pendant. The lamp pays its respect for traditional incandescent bulb, with its warm light and good color reflection has given light to our households for so many years. The classic light bulb is one of the most important inventions of man. Unfortunately, this lamp is inefficient, which creates challenges in our threatened environment.

Like Torn Lights that look like gashes in the fabric of the wall, the illusion of a lamp in the middle of pop. 60cm The lamp is actually made ??from off-white segments with a matte finish hung on wire to the light of a real and fully functioning light bulb to absorb.

Scheisse pendant light

Scheisse bulb light

Scheisse explossion light


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