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It doesn’t take much to turn a boring, drab dining room into a chic and cozy place for people to gather and enjoy each other’s company. In fact, there’s no reason not to make your dining room elegant. Even small things like lighting and color can make a huge difference and doesn’t have to break the bank. A dining room doesn’t have to be large to be elegant. Utilize the most of your space to create a stunning atmosphere.

Get Rid Of All That Clutter

Clutter and over decoration can quickly turn a large, elegant dining room into a cramped, unattractive space. Your dining table should be the main focal point and should be in the center of the room if possible. Accent the table with a ornate rug and table cloth. Don’t overclutter the table with decorative items. Keep it simple with a few stylish placemats, some candle holders, and a floral decoration as a centerpeice.

Choose The Right Colors

Dining rooms should be cozy and inviting so try to choose neutral or warm colors. Keep the walls neutral with a beige or dark tan or brown. If you want to bring some color into your dining room use your table decorations to add a little spice. Place brightly colored flowers as a centerpiece for your table or use colored place mats and wall decorations. Don’t let the room get too drab with neutral colors. A little color here and there will really bring the room together.

Set The Right Lighting

Ever notice how fine dining restaurants use minimal lighting and candles? This is how your dining area should be as well. Ambient lighting is best to create that warm, cozy atmosphere that allows your guests to just relax and enjoy their meal. If you have a window in your dining area, consider using shades and curtains to block out brighter lights, and use low watt bulbs in your light fixture. Add some crystal decorations that will catch the light at certain angles to make your dining room sparkle.

Creating the perfect dining room doesn’t mean empying your wallet. With a few simple tridcks, you can turn your simple dining room into an elegant, inviting atmosphere where your guests have no choice but to feel comfortable. Browse pictures online or in catologs to figure out what will work best for your space and learn how to utilize even the smallest rooms.


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