Residence for Abhilash and Veena Nair

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Modern House February 7, 2012 

Residence for Abhilash and Veena Nair

Residence for Abhilash & Veena Nair, The house was for a couple where the husband is a doctor and the lady is working at a radio station. Both of them leave home by 8.00 AM and reach back by 7.30 PM earliest with their kid who spent all this time at the play school. This is a typical scenario at nuclear families of present day hectic schedules. The result is they get very less time to spent with each other and live together as a family. This had to be addressed.

The main thrust of the design was to make spaces as open as possible so that there is always a visual connectivity among spaces of various activities. Hence the kitchen, dining and the family living is one single volume which helps such that even if the lady is cooking she can see her kid or the husband around reading or watching TV. Visually seeing someone is powerful enough to connect one with each other. The interiors were also designed by us.

This project won the Indian Institute of Architects State Award for Excellence in Architecture 2011 ( Gold Leaf Award – Individual Residence Category ).

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