Obsessed with Philips Sonicare Airfloss

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Obsessed Philips Sonicare Airfloss

Allow me to put it on the outside. I hate flossing. Winding a piece of string and forcing through a sensitive area between my teeth seems incredibly archaic. This can be effective, but very raw. I do not care how many dentists tell me that it is “normal” to experience some bleeding. Sorry, it is not normal to bleed. And that brings me to one of my favorite gadgets of the year, a new way to end using nothing but air and a little fluid. I’m totally obsessed!


Device is deceptively simple. Ergonomically designed handle contains a small chamber to fill with water or mouthwash. You put your head, which has a beak like a machine, between the teeth and with the push of a button, the liquid comes out in a short but powerful burst pressure cleaning power! POW! Literally, it seems a pretty-in “POW” sound. Philips calls this Microburst technology, but I prefer to call it a POW.

What it will do is remove the buildup of plaque has built up from negligence. You need to see a dentist for it. Airfloss is meant to compliment the brush. It removes fresh food particles or any foreign plaque between your teeth, just like the old school thread.

No bleeding, no fingers numb from lack of circulation, and without a strong string covered gossipy nastiness to deal with. I’ve always been an avid brusher – no less than 3 times daily. I’ve had one too many bad experiences at the dentist to know the best way to avoid them is to take care of their teeth. However, every time I come in for review, I hear the same thing. “You need to floss more often.” Cut to me sitting in the chair with my mouth wide open and Mr. Dentist using metal tools to literally scrape my teeth cleaned. I was determined not to experience it again.

Cut to August 2013th I went in for my six months examination yesterday and guess what? Guess what?! The dentist actually said, and that his words were swear, “teeth are in pretty good shape, a little plaque, no cavities.” It’s totally stupid of me to feel so victorious about dental hygiene, but it is incredible that I follow a routine regime of brushing and flossing air, I went with healthy teeth and gums, and you know what? It’s fucking easy! I still carry a little capsule of thread around just in case, but for the most part, once in the morning and once in the evening, I Airfloss.

So what does it cost? At $ 89.99, it’s definitely more expensive than the old school thread. I mean, you still need to floss tough for some things, but I think that this is an investment. This is not a frivolous purchase that serves no purpose except to strengthen my ego. It’s about health and as cliche as it sounds, I point at the beginning of 2013 to take better care of myself. I highly recommend Philips Sonicare Airfloss to anyone looking to supplement their dental regime with technology that will make a big difference in that smile. People spend tons of money on making your teeth white surface when the spaces in which between rot and funk lately and it’s not cute.

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