Nested Retreat in Spanish Pyrenees

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 - Hot Design

located between high mountains in the Spanish Pyrenees, is that hitting a home designed by a young husband and wife architecture firm Cadaval and Sola-Morales. The home is specially designed as a refuge for the client and his family inSpain’sAranValley, and what better place than at the top of the mountain, watching the valley below!

 Architects, based inBarcelonaandMexico Cityreused shell of the existing stone farm house on the site. Local stones were used to build a structure that allows it to handle any unexpected tectonic rumblings.  Thu 4800 square foot space is located in a simplified form with a vertical slash down the glass on both sides and angular expanse of glass in the front. Children have a down living room, which is designed like a stone farmhouse, a large door is carved in natural light and as a direct entry into quarters. There are two yellow boxes – one on each floor, containing stairs and cabinets for the home. Furniture and colors are spare and minimal-intentional move on the part of the design to provide a neutral background and a sense of space.   Wood floors, tight, crisp expanse of glass windows, a cool palette of colors in interior design and the significant use of rock mass are the main features that makes this home contemporary home blend with the environment so much. {Found on decoist}.


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