NCredible nCycle

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nCredible nCycle

Do not be deceived by nCycle minimal aesthetic-it’s actually loaded with tons of extras and innovative features that set new standards for future e-bikes. Design Notes classic tubular structure for a sleek, lightweight, hollow-bodied shell that protects the internal electric propulsion system. Other features include a built-in pocket for small loads, bar-mounted locking system integrated headlights and speakers, and even holographic display. Check it out!

optional electric drive version is available where the vehicle is partially supported by the rear hub located an electric motor. Battery driving force is inside the body, starting from the seats and pedals to center. Structure not only provides natural protection shell on the battery, but the metallic, it also provides a substantia cooling, improved performance and battery life.

Usually, folding bikes are clumsy, and somehow it seems strange and chunky, especially on the wrist. Cool, sporty, foldables barely make it into production. Thanks to its special “sandwich” structure, nCycle be folded in two seconds and remain sturdy without showing any aesthetic or aerodynamic difficulties operated. The body is divided into two parts, the location between the seat and pocket. Pair of rails attached to both parts of the structure and wrist made slide along those rails. Folding bicycles only involves three steps: unlocking the rail, sliding both ends to reveal the hinge, and folding


integrated locking system represents the best combination of security, portability, ease of use and simplicity. Doing away with the cables, most of the system consists of a handle bar itself. With double handles multiple Riding position and comfort, the handle bar is suitably in the form of a loop to fit most poles and steel bars are available in the city. When closed, the hardened steel loop is nearly impossible to break or cut with any kind of hand tools. Locking and unlocking process is also much faster and easier to simply accept-pole with a handle, pull the tube out of one handle and click inside the other.

Most bicycle baskets are bulky and ugly, but nCycle a retraction pocket between its two metal plates allows to completely disappear when not in use. When in use, it is only slightly visible under the belly scales. Bound by two stiff arm folding, support pocket makes collapsible, flexible, and inflexible while turning and tilting the bike.

lights and speakers
manually controlled lights and Bluetooth speakers powered by the main battery. Built on the handlebar structure, they are also stealing evidence.

electronic system
options app-operated holographic screen replaces the carrier for the smartphone, giving the screen directly to the handle bar to give the driver better visibility and safer. The various functions of the application can be accessed by moving your thumb back and forth on the touch-sensitive zones near the handle without removing your hands full.

Designer: Hussain Almossawi & Marin Myftiu

Yanko Design

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