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Musical Colors h3 Thu Imagine the sound generated by using color instead of any conventional instrument! Audible Colors project not only that! This is an audio-visual instruments where the sound is generated based on the color detected by a web cam connected to the computer. Musical notes correspond to certain colors (red, green and blue). . And just like the color wheel, when you mix primary colors, secondary colors produce different notes
Here are some key features:

  • size color effect on the volume and frequency of the notes played.
  • color detection and sound generation are created and controlled by using the code for processing.
  • sonic color system is based on marriage between primary colors and music theory.
  • colors red, blue, green, and the visual foundation for the mixing of colors and music notes A, D and F are the base triad corresponding colors.
  • secondary colors (color is fundamental when you mix three) of purple, teal and brown are tuned to a musical triad C, E and G.
  • visual mixing of red, blue and / or green reflects the combined output audio notes.
  • ‘image’ aspect is not limited to water drops from the pipette.
  • Numerous experiments were carried out using materials such as acrylic paint, food color in milk with ordinary soap and household items.
  • Each investigation has created a new kind of fun and easy to gestural music making.
  • Thu Designers: Hideaki Matsui and Momo Miyazaki Musical colors - image  on

    Musical colors - image  on

    Musical colors - image  on Musical colors - image  on Yanko Design

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