Mujjo Interview & Giveaway!

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h3 Mujjo Interview & Giveaway! Thu I recently had the pleasure to chat with Remy Nagelmaeker (awesome name!), One of the founders and designers of mobile accessories label MUJJO. Fondly called “Dutchies,” Remy and his partners are crafting some of the most beautiful objects and sleeves for the iPhone and iPads. Hit the jump for the interview and leave a comment to win iPad sleeve or MacBook Pro 15 “sleeve retina Random picked a winner this Friday. Designer MUJJO – Facebook, Twitter When Mujjo starters, who are the founders? Mujjo is a Dutch brand for mobile equipment . Founded by the Dutchies, Tom, Robin and I (Remy) in 2010. We started making stitched winter gloves that work on the touch screen. Our gloves proved a success, and were presented at the international level in major publications. In the spring of 2012 started We are making up their sleeves for the Apple device, which contains a unique combination of wool felt and high quality leather.  not chasing trends, but instead, Mujjo each design is a reflection of our personal taste. Our designs may not be for everyone, but that’s just the way we want it to be. We believe the mobile accessories market is lacking in features and sustainable fashion label, unlike the traditional fashion industry. We believe that there is a large space in this industry for Mujjo create a new, outstanding, but above all contemporary designed accessories. Why did you decide to up their sleeves for the Apple devices? We iPhone / Mac user myself, it’s an easy choice. However, our focus is not limited to just Apple products, for example, we have developed a sleeve for Samsung Galaxy S3, which I think is a great device. Why is the line sleeves called “Originals collection?” What is the story behind that? This is our first collection of sleeves, too clean, minimal and elegant design makes this collection is time-less in a certain way, This is why the originals (and because I like the sound of it). We do not think too much about names, we came across by chance at the auction domain. Short. Com are hard to find, this came to only $ 18, it that Mujjo become brands.  What is a party to the new collection is a We have a awesome feedback. It all started with a post by Mattew for the next web “How is the case fanatic like me, it takes a lot to catch my eye these days. This is not a problem for Mujjo new lineup of “the original’s cases for Apple devices like the iPhone and the MacBook and iPads. These things look great.”. After that, a lot of positive feedback to follow. Thanks for all the love we get to the new collection. I personally really like the gratitude we get for our products and awesome for browsing web pages, we recommend and find great stuff. I am a frequent user of fancy, and from time to time I work in one of our own products, it feels great! Is it all done in house design? , but we have teamed up with fashion designers for their expertise. The process of creating a collection is all about trying, as the sample after sample. Trying different materials, different techniques until the final product is in compliance with our standards. We always try to create a product that makes me love alone use. Basically, we design according to our personal taste, but we do not ignore the opinion of others, we are not afraid to show our product to others, while still in development, their feedback is worth a lot! Where is produced Our manufacturing facility is located in the Shanghai area. We use material from all over the world, such as leather from Italy. We worked with fashion designers for their expertise in developing the collection, one of them to recommend the current manufacturing facility. There is one entry for Samsung smartphones. Are there other plans to make sleeves for other non-Apple products?
At this time no plans, but the requirements are always welcome. For example: We are planning to design a sleeve for 15.4 “Pro retina in the first place. However, after we have received a lot of requests from people who claimed that they could not find a decent arm out to 15.4” retina, we decided to go for it, we decided to start production is limited to those people. That makes this shirt Mujjo quite unique. Can you give us any advice on what other products Mujjo can work on? Bags may be? will launch a new touch screen glove collection that builds on the success of touchscreen gloves that we launched the previous winter. Also working on a new collection of sleeves, it’s still early though. Last but not least, we’ve got something really cool coming this fall, I think touchscreen and leather gloves … Expect to see much more coming from Mujjo, we are working hard to improve all aspects of the brand.  Yanko Design

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