Most designs buzzed June 2012

6 Jul

Most designs h3 buzzed June 2012 Thu After experiencing a gala red dot product design and fulfillment of such a high profile designer, I have come to the conclusion that design is all about how you chart your course includes form, function and reality. This hat is off to all of you designers, please bow! June, some of the most predictable and functional design gaining popularity. Here is a recap of what you find remarkable people, its all humming now
10) Music – Interactive Music Midi Controlled Area of ​​Kale Joines |! Read 6389 9) density – Shanghai structure for Sonik modules | register Hits 7247 8) Outdoor Bench in Daniel Pearlman | 7267 Hits  7) The Transfer – USB Stick concept to Yiyan Cao | 7315 Hits  6) Donut Folding bikes by Arvind S | 7458 Hits  5) HTC Droid Incredible 3 Concept Phone by Cesar Castillo is Corral | 7495 Hits 4) The two smartphones are Roberto Corazza | 7818 Hits  3 ) Blue Experience – Facebook phone is Tolga Tuncer | 11 541 Hits  2) Chameleon bandage – Band-Aid Redesign of the Wu Xing Xue, Zi Yu Li, Yue Zhu Hua and Wang Zhi Qiang is | 20 208 Hits  1) Bluephone Facebook Concept Phone is Michal Bonikowski | 31 212 Hits  Yanko Design

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