Moroso and David Rockwell Hit the Road

Saturday, November 26th, 2011 - Modern Interior

by Ian Volner | Monday, November 21, 2011

Moroso David Rockwell

Designer David Rockwell has joined up with furniture maker Moroso to create a new mobile showcase for the respected Italian manufacturer. Setting up shop in Chicago next month, the portable pavilion is also a prelude to a new Rockwell-designed collection for Moroso set to debut next year in Milan.

“The idea of creating a flexible, easily constructed environment to tell Moroso’s story is quite exciting,” says the architect. “We hope that touring the country and bringing a theatrical presentation of the renowned furniture to the public, and specifically design students, will create a sense of community in each city.”

Moroso David Rockwell

Besides Chicago, the salone-on-wheels will also be paying calls to Miami, Mexico City, Vancouver, LA, and points beyond over the course of 2012. In each town, the layout of the showroom is the same: a simple ensemble of straight boards, crimp lighting, and 25 individual items from the Moroso catalogue, along with photos and sketches that offer a little background on the nearly 60-year-old company.

The Rockwell/Moroso partnership emerged from a longstanding personal relationship between the designer and the company’s art director (and family scion) Patrizia Moroso. Ms. Moroso explained the origins of the idea, which was inspired in part by the current popularity of pop-up fashion outlets: “It gives us exposure to local design communities in an exciting—and affordable—format,” she said.

The Chicago show will be held December 7-8 at the Sax Hotel, 333 North Dearborn. The show’s following location will be Miami in January.

Images courtesy of Moroso.

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