Modular Braun This was the best

11 Jul

h3 Modular Braun This was the best Thu MK 01 is a set of four speakers crammed into a single square, it offers the possibility of using each of the speakers at its full potential, individually or collectively. Basically any combination will do. Connecting the speakers are wireless and truly portable. The speakers are even host individual battery pack, and you do not have to worry about the plugs and switches. This is a complete package of Braun design with a minimalist approach

  • Bluetooth 3.0: The speakers are connected to database connectivity, and they are also associated with other devices in the same way. You can use different devices simultaneously with different speakers,. It is also possible to connect the device to the base file sharing
  • play compatible for maximum quality using Apple products.
  • TRS ¼ inch port. If you want to make your own music, just plug the guitar, electric bass, or any other musical instrument that uses this type of connection and use the MK 01 as an amplifier
  • 2 USB ports and an SD card connector for increased connectivity with other devices products.
  • 5 “touch screen interface for managing your device connections, battery level and the equalizer.
  • Integrated AC adapter with a retractable charging cable to the base and speakers.
  • Wireless charging. With base on the charger, just put the speakers in the database and automatically charged without the need for wires. Thu designer Antonio Lucas Celestino da Silva

           Yanko Design

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