Modern Table Designs – Dressers by Selad & Seletti

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Modern Table Designs - Dressers by Selad & Seletti

Look sweet? Well this modern table designs seems like dressing for success. The modern baroque dressers comes from Italian company Seletti. Sleek, curve and stylish in packaging. It is not easy reinterpreting classic design but Sletti did it and the result is a cheerful but stylish furniture collection. Selad, the designer, succeed in creating silk – screened wood turned into modern versions of classic dressers. This modern chests can change your day. The bulkier three-drawer chest Trip 3 Drawers has dimension of 100 x 48 x 84 cm, while the smallest one Trip 2 Drawers has dimension of 101 x 39 x76 cm. You can choose over from five different skins starting from Pois (polka dots), Righe Colore (color stripes), Mappa Bianca (white map), Mappa Nera (black map), and Pied-de-Poule (houndstooth). Ready to dress your interior with this sleek modern dressers?

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