Modern Representation of the Deceased

h3 Modern Representation of the deceased

urn has inspired the term “death ship”, a term known in many cultures. Instead of burying the dead under the earth, were sent across the water. The ceremony must bury the idea that is controversial in our modern culture. Instead of being in the water and sinking immediately “must Urn” is trying to catch prolongue poetic quality of this moment. Mimics the shape of the ship, so to wear the ashes on the water surface, gradually fading into the horizon. Made from tonolith, the ship dissolves a few days after he went into the sea. Photo Urn is characterized by numerous ceramic figurines placed on the lid. One of the figures can be removed and kept as a memento of the deceased, a jar of their place in the cemetery or on the mantelpiece at home. The inspiration for this concept came from the Egyptian “Ushabti statue” which embodies the dead person, and were either placed in a sacred space, or the tomb symbolizes the presence of the deceased. Tear Jug is a porcelain container in which the emotional value that exceeds the functional one. Collecting grieving tears, and putting flowers in, new life was awakened. Inspiration comes from the tear jugs in ancient Rome, where a professional grievers to cry. tearjug Similarly, the money part of a series of acts solely as a way to remember a loved one. In Greek mythology is dead money put on their eyes to pay Charon to their souls across the River Styx that leads to the entrance of Hades. Designer: Patrycja Domanska    Yanko Design

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