Mobile Car Pavilion

23 Jul

h3 Mobile Pavilion car Thu designer Sean Seongjun Who describes his Inner City vehicle as a mobile pavilion that resembles urban cocoon. The vehicle in which people can relax and enjoy the comfortable ride, the ‘classic yet modern “design that romanticizes the future. Compact 4-seater vehicle fits into the sustainable future of the environment by using hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Designing autonomous use of technology, and interior space is very flexible seating arrangement also differs from the usual norm in which every traveler faces one direction
like. designer explains, “the interior design of vehicles takes inspiration from the rolling and cut the sculpture. Each part has a different cut of the curve and the combination of these components creates a variety of forms, which allow different seating positions and the application of different materials. ” Designer: Sean Seongjun Who              Yanko Design

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