Marc Newson Bathroom Collection for Caroma

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 - Interior Design

Caroma Marc Newson is the latest addition to the Australian producer’s portfolio. Exciting and refreshing, this high-end bathroom range was created by world renowned designer Marc Newson, Aussie himself. The collection will consist of a full family of bathroom products, such as faucets, basins, toilets and urinals as well as a bathtub. The 22-piece range is divided into two categories, tapware and ceramics. The tapware part consists of mixers, freestanding bathtub faucets, shower heads and columns. The design is organic, with bold shapes and curves. The material is mainly brushed steel, with color combinations mainly for the showers. The chosen colors are white for a neutral effect and bright orange for a bold contrast. Newson’s approach in designing the taps was to reduce to a minimum the number of parts, obtaining a minimalistic yet functional design. He also wanted to differentiate his design from Vola’s iconic mixer, that in his opinion has not been equaled over the years. The sanitary ware is in white ceramic, some pieces glossy and some with mat finish. The star of the collection is the freestanding bathtub, a humorous piece that looks like a giant planter.


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