Majority of UAE resident’s eco-friendly

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Majority of UAE resident’s eco-friendly

It is truly very difficult to bring up a change in the people’s attitude and behavior especially when it comes to the case of environment. It is an individual’s duty to protect the environment, but unfortunately only a very few members are putting this into action. The recent surveys declared the fact that; only 1 among 1000 people is striving hard for environment protection. A good environment cannot be brought out in a day. In fact it can take few years, but the result will definitely be fruitful after achieving it. You can make the people aware about the environment by conducting various campaigns, exhibitions and seminars.


UAE residents: It might be quite surprising but you need to believe this. All the residents of UAE are very much eco friendly. They have all made a decision regarding the ecosystem, and conducted a poll in Abu Dhabi. Every resident of UAE have promised that they will only do eco friendly works and use only the eco friendly products. It is revealed that every resident of UAE have turned-off their AC while leaving for office and ofcourse it is great news to hear. They have also conducted an exhibition and taught various people about the global resources, climatic changes, healthy living and problems faced by humans.

Their main motto is to bring awareness among the people to bring out a sustainable future. Not only the UAE people but also the WWF is striving hard to minimize the water consumption and energy consumption. The people UAE had also suggested   to reduce the temperature of the washing machines and Refrigerators to save energy. Besides, they have also stopped using the light bulbs during the morning for saving energy, to reduce the environmental pollution and economic costs.


Everyone has to take them as an inspiration, and if the people in every street try to implement this no doubt in it we will soon achieve a good eco system. This will in turn benefit us by providing a pollution free environment and this would be the greatest gift which you give to your future generations. The government also has to take certain measures for implementing this. They have to introduce about the eco system in the education too in order to make the kids aware of the environment from their childhood itself. On following all these steps we can easily achieve an eco friendly environment and these are the minimum morals which every human being should have.

Majority of UAE resident’s eco-friendly


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