Magic transformation of a small apartment in a large attic

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 - Hot Design

Sometimes there are cases when people use their home as office space too. In case you have a villa May they also have enough space for other things such as office areas, or areas of restaurants that can be rented and turn your home into office space in. In case you live in a small apartment, a few smart ideas they can help turn your home into a workspace.

width=height="600" This is a case study of Robert Garneau Garneau who tried to convert 650 square foot studio in a room live / work apartment for a couple who wanted to work at home too. Bedroom is hidden by a sliding wall that has a built-in storage shelves for books too. The moment of sliding wall pulled open studio space instead of one bedroom apartment and a shelf disappears. width=height="600" width=height="600" width=height="600" width=height="600" width=height="600"


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White interior living rooms can to accommodate modern furniture that is made of two wooden sofas in shades of gray and Woo rectangular table that can be found on the green carpet that mimics the design of natural green grass. Storage was looking everywhere, so that even in the living room there are drawers. Kitchen area of ‚Äč‚Äčmaintaining the wooden furniture with stainless steel appliances. This tree is adjustable table which can be used for three functions, such as kitchen islands, dining table and work space. The bed can be pulled down, and thus a niche lined in walnut veneer can see that it is used as a headboard. On one side of the dressing area is located under the cabinet to the ceiling. Blue bathroom has storage niches carved into its walls, so that each part becomes functional warehouse. This small apartment is transformed by magic into a large loft and functional!

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