Luxury Redefined – Beautiful Wooden Floorings for Classy Interiors

Thursday, July 12th, 2012 - Interior Design

Buying a home is perhaps the most expensive and valuable investment all of us make. For most of us, it is a once in lifetime venture and no wonder we do all in our power to enhance the value of the property every way possible. Any makeover is aimed always to add more value to the home and also make it more beautiful and pleasing to you, your family and your guests. Flooring is an important part of home décor. Innumerable choice of styles, materials, textures, colors and finishes are available and each gives a distinctly different look and environment to your house due to their diverse characteristics. Some give a warmth and coziness like wood, some give a formal and cold look like stone, and some can give a posh and elegant look like marble. Since time immemorial hardwood floorings have been in use giving a rich warm look to the interiors. Oak, cherry, mahogany, maple are some of the hardwoods used for flooring. They are long-lasting and can add immense value to your home. With proper care and refinishing – done as and when required – wooden flooring looks gloriously rich, alive and very classy.

Other floorings that can be as durable and classy are stone, granite and marble floors. They last for centuries retaining their elegance and cold beauty, giving a regal touch to the environment and décor. But today it is an expensive option – almost as expensive as hardwood flooring and installation has to be done professionally which adds to the cost. There are some alternatives like tiles, vinyl flooring, and laminate flooring as well as more economical alternatives to hardwood flooring like engineered wood, fibre-board, hardboard, bamboo and cork floorings. With modern state of art technology, there are finishes available which make them as good as hardwood or stone in looks and service. There are many advantages with wooden flooring. Especially during cold weather, wood can provide very good insulation sealing in the warmth. All the three types of wood flooring – plank, strips and parquet are popular. Today modern technology aided professional installation reduces their susceptibility to temperature and humidity and make them even more long lasting.

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