Luxury Dog Beds by Dogghaus Compliment Decor

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 - Interior Design

These dog beds from Dogghaus will take your dog’s life up a notch. (And with some priced over $ 5,000, they certainly should.) From the geo dome style to the mosaic monogrammed chaise lounge, these beds are the lap of luxury. Fido will appreciate the comfort, while you appreciate the style. Some of the materials used include steam-bent zebra wood, leather and white gold (yes, real white gold, on the Guarda Lux Mos model). The maker, Dogghaus UK, believes that these pet beds should stand out, and not be hidden away. And with so many models to choose from, you’ll find something to compliment every decor. Wouldn’t the geo dome style above (the “Atomo” model) would look awesome in a loft apartment? And for some reason, while not affiliated, the Guarda Lux Mos model brings Chanel to mind (see last photo). It would look great in an apartment done in French revival style. If you think your dog deserves the best – look no further than Dogghaus dog houses!

Giotto Model

Doesn’t your dog deserve the best?

Can you just imagine your pooch lolling around on this bed?

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