Luxurious Quant 1 Residential Project

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 - Modern Design

The Ippolito Fleitz Group was commissioned to complete the Quant 1 Residential Project as a way to highlight the fine features and interior capabilities of a designer apartment marketed toward single women.

The refined structural subtleties of these luxurious apartments must have played a part to inspire the soft neutral and white interior palette, expressed through layer upon layer of fine textiles such as full velour carpet and chesterfield-upholstered walls.

We love how the ethereal coffee-colored curtains, delicate spherical chandeliers, and curvaceous staircase work together to create a dramatic but cozy social area despite the expansive size of the room.

Have you ever used these techniques to make a large space feel cozy? Has the Quant 1 Residential Project inspired you to try? Hit up our comment section and let us know!

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