Luxurious And Expensive Bathrooms Ideas

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 - Interior Design

If you are building a new house or renovating an old one, bathrooms and kitchens are areas of major interest and need a lot of attention. Both of these rooms involve extra attention to best locations for water points and power connections. Mostly, it is best to plan well ahead the locations for water points and power connections as these may involve major construction work if you want to relocate them at a later time.

What are the issues you have to get it exactly right when you are planning your bathroom? Laying down the internal pipes and fittings, framing, faucet fittings and plumbing are the most important points to be noted when you are doing the water and plumbing work. Do these issues right at the first time as it involves major expense and construction as well. Many of the popular bathroom brands have excellent craftsmanship and better go for quality material that will stay good in the long run and spare you repeat expenses.

Likewise you have to plan well ahead about the power connections, switchboard, light fittings, heated towel racks, backlit mirrors, built-in lights for cabinets and drawers and motion sensor lights etc. Also plan to have the best lighting possible with skylights and windows for natural lighting and wall sconces, ceiling lights, under-cabinet lights and focus lights for make-up area so that you have good amount of lighting which can make the bathroom look spacious.

Also when choosing fittings, choose quality and enjoy peace of mind with a great-looking bathroom. Get the best-looking vanity that you can accommodate in your bathroom and go for quality hardware and taps etc. Do not clutter the bathroom with too many color patterns in choosing wall decor. A monochromatic wall décor with contrast from the shower backsplash and vanity backsplash will look great. Get a lot of concealed storage space so all extra stuff can be stored away to give a clutter-free spacious look. Think of a cool looking bathroom in pastels with just a touch of nature – a green plant or a flower vase on the sill!

Here are some images of beautiful looking bathrooms from FBranchetti. The bathrooms are done very elegantly looking spacious with an uncluttered, streamlined look with classy sleek looking fittings. Don’t you think you will like your bathroom to look like this?

Modern Stylish Luxury Bathrooms
modern stylish luxury bathroom 630x472

White and Gleaming in Black Chrome
white and gleaming in black chrome 630x537

Way to Relax in the Bathroom
way to relax in the bathroom 630x394

Vanity Cabinet with Matching Backsplash
vanity cabinet with matching backsplash 630x393

Twin Vanity Lit With a Chandelier
twin vanity lit with a chandelier 630x394

Great Looking Twin Vanity
twin great looking vanity 630x393

Single Vanity with Gilded Mirror
single vanity with guilded mirror 630x393

Great Looking Vanity in Black and Gold
great looking vanity in black and gold 630x393

Delicate Looking in Floral Pattern
delicate looking in floral pattern 630x393

Bathtub Matching Vanity
bathtub matching vanity 630x394

Bathroom Space Made Personal with Photos
bathroom space made personal with photos 630x394

Bathroom Space Made Personal with Photos
white marble luxury bathrooms 630x476

Bathroom Space Made Personal with Photos
luxury bathroom design

Expensive Celebrity Type Luxurious Bathrooms
celebrity type luxurious bathrooms

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