Live From Essen Red Dot Product Design Gala Wrap-up

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h3 live in Essen Red Dot Product Design Gala Wrap-up Thu word can really, AOT expressed excitement about this year ‘s Red Dot Award for product design! For the industrial design community ‘s the place to be, and it just keeps getting better. On the outside it ‘s glitz, glamor, red carpet, amazing hors d Äôoeuvres, an endless stream of champagne, paparazzi, and even dance. But it ‘s not what makes this night special, Ä ¶ It’ s the genius behind it all. 1299 to be exact. 1299 of the greatest design minds of 2012 gathered in one place with friends, loved ones and who ‘s who designs to celebrate the outstanding achievements in innovation, invention and hard work.
there’s no other place like it. Let ‘s look at highlights from this year’ s event!  First things first, the setting might be more appealing? Gala was held in unbelievable Aalto Theatre located in the industrial heart of Essen, Germany.   Here’s the night ‘s best of the best winners were treated to a magical string ensemble performs Sakaya violinist Shoji, and stunning choreography in a ballet to Irish Essen Aalto Ballett AOS companies.  Joined by two this year ‘s judges, Dr. Luis Bochietto and Prof. Stefan Diez, red dot’ s very own Peter Rabbit presented prizes to the top of the top 62 winners. Although this award is a significant success, only one team will stand to win the prize of all prizes: 2012 Design Team of the Year As tradition, last year ‘s winner, Grohe, pronounced Radius prestigious award for a company that will come as no shock to everyone attending the Porsche! Michael Mauro and Porsche driving style to the stage in the sexiest beast of the building: 911 renown. What could be more rewarding than it was in the audience was introduced by none other than the Volkswagen chief designer Walter Maria de Silva. We laughed. We cried. But we were all ready to party! So it was time to move on to the historic Zollverein Colliery, the location of the red dot museum and the designer, the AOS Night after party. The designers were treated to world-class meal specially prepared by chef Frank Rosin.  After a sumptuous meal, everyone went to the long-awaited party in the red dot design museum, and what a party. We were up to the wee hours, dancing to the success of so many creative minds, people whose only goal is to make life better for all of us. PS This is not the end of the story, more updates, exciting reports and interviews to come soon.     Yanko Design

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