Layered Flower Motif Rugs for Piodao

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 - Best Design


These layered flower motif rugs Piodao are sure to put some spring in your step – no matter what the season off! Inspired by the flourishing field of Piodao region of Portugal, a collection of flowers carpet is like a three-dimensional art for the floor, with flowers of different sizes, layered to offer a plush place to step on the lush look for a home. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, vibrant red and green color scheme adds a lively pop of color in any room. These rugs are available in three sizes: Square (2 of 2 meters), rectangle (1.7 by 2.4 meters) and large (2 by 3 meters), and suitable for large and small spaces. Check out the layered flowers rugs in Piodao. layered-flower-motif-carpet-piodao-2.jpg



Posted in Rugs and Carpets on November 21, 2011 11:28

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