Koeda Impact

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Koeda Effect

mixer designs are typical and stereotypical, and we are basically programmed to use them in certain ways. More like up and down on and off, and turn the mixer from left to right will change from hot to cold. Not that this is a bad thing, but imagine redefine shape, adopting a new intuitive operation … We did that in the world of technology, we can do it in the bathroom of innovation?

The designer explains, “designed to be intuitive unconscious, Koeda has modified progressive cartridge which provides simplified dialing innate control. turning the knob clockwise the hour, the water temperature gradually changes from cold to warm. flow water pressure will gradually increase as the dial turns on – ensure users are less likely to accidentally turn the flow of water and waste water surplus “


  • Koeda is hand-crafted in porcelain and finished with smooth glaze.
  • aerator controls the direction of water flow and water softens for silky texture, delicate wash.
  • slight bump at an angle of 15 ° angle reduces excess splashing.
  • innovative series of six LED lights, efficiently powered by two lithium cell, the change from light sky blue to warm orange and finally to dark red searing, indicating a mixture of cold and hot water.

Yanko Design

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