John Hung Ha at the Andaz 5th Avenue

Friday, July 6th, 2012 - Modern Interior

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John Hung Ha in front of the doors to the Andaz 5th Avenue Bar Downstairs. Photo by Brendan Burke.

Koi fish have long been symbols of aspiration and achievement, so it only makes sense to see them on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. New York-based John Hung Ha, the fourth and final artist-in-residence of the 2011-2012 Andaz 5th Avenue’s tbd Art series, painted his “View of New York—Today” on the doors to the Andaz’s Bar Downstairs. Beginning on June 8th, the mural took a week to complete, and John Hung Ha took up residence in an Andaz Suite for the duration. Photographer Brendan Burke chronicled the progress, capturing images of the creation that will be sold as postcards to benefit the local High School of Art & Design.

John Hung Ha adds acrylic paint details. Photo by Brendan Burke.

Previous artists in the series have included graffiti mavens Claw Money, M. Dreeland, and Mister Cartoon – the latter of who has also tattooed the likes of Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé.

A detail of the finished doors. Photo by Brendan Burke.

John Hung Ha is best known for his op art interpretations of traditional Chinese imagery. Bright, bustling, and full of geometric twists and turns, he often uses Koi to examine the connections between ancient and modern ideas. For his contribution to the tbd art series, he filled an oversize koi’s tail with international flags in his mural, illustrating, perhaps, the global impulse to come to New York and make it big. It will grace the Andaz 5th Avenue doors through the end of August.

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