Japanese Home Ideas at Hansha Reflection House

Japanese Home Ideas at Hansha Reflection House

If we look at the front view or facade, this japanese home design idea which later dubbed as the Hansha Reflection House by Studio SKLIM is looks like the other japanese home design inspiration from StudioGreenBlue here. It has the box-like tunnels facade to allow for easy air flow. Anyway lets get back to this house. The Hansha Reflection House is situated at the entrance of Misakimizube Koen in Nagoya, Japan. Three programmatic zones has been divided into Public, Service and Private space with further punctuation of the main massing with the Landscape element; providing spaces for the courtyard and roof deck.

Facing the fact that 65% of low rise Japanese houses are constructed out of timber, this Hansha reflection house also use timber from a renewable source which coupled with building technology that utilized a hybrid of traditional mortise and tenon joint system with steel bracketing, this house was able to push the ubiquitous “boxed” building envelope for timber residential construction in Japan.

The idea of “Reflection” was multifarious and became a series of unfolded meanings; exterior reflection of surrounding, interior reflection of surroundings, introspective reflection spaces and reflection of the house structure.

The house landscape consists of front yard, the courtyard and the roof deck. The front yard accommodates parking for three cars and becomes the entrance frame for the house. The connecting tissue to the park relies on the structurally evolved facade that visually associates with it and uses similar ground paving material.

The courtyard, an intimate private garden forms part of the environmental funnel to dissipate hot air during summer. This space further anchors the master bedroom, 1-tatami introspective room, and double volume library. The roof deck, the pinnacle of the house further heighten one’s sense of place with its surroundings and provides the perfect viewing platform for both Hanami (Sakura) and Hanabi (Fireworks) festivals.

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