It’s all about being on Facebook

18 Jun

h3 this is all about being on Facebook Thu Monday morning, and I am sharp with a full cup of freshly brewed coffee, dry toast and farm-fresh Facebook Phone! Sorry, but Blue is quite a fascinating experience and the odyssey of the newly developed Facebook applications that work nicely on a dedicated phone FB. Love the instant Instagram and minimal tech specs. Enclosed in a blue saturated aluminum housing (17.5 cm x 5.5cm) and is designed as a wedge, the screen is easily visible even when the phone is flat on the table.
Located gorgeous screen with their size and aspect ratio optimized for the new Facebook app core OS, the phone promises to be a social networking experience. Basically the concept is all about connecting, communicating and sharing. Features:

  • At the top is a message element that revenue in combination as a button to access the message center directly.
  • There is an internal speaker and headphone jack.
  • On the front side, there is as-Button.
  • ear speaker phone and a micro on the back so you have to turn the phone for calls.
  • On the back there is a new developed key camera with LED flash.
  • Spotify is built into the system with a dedicated button on the left.
  • Thu designer Tolga Tuncer    Yanko Design

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