Interactive and Modular Roofs

Thursday, June 7th, 2012 - Uncategorized

h3 Interactive and Modular Roofs Thu Here is an interesting concept of modularizing the roofs of buildings. The idea stems from the fact that roof gardens have a uni-directional focus with little or no variation. The design of the roof Prototype Interactive odd units that perform a single function and interaction of the living space below it.
As the designer explains, “Each of the squares or pixels has a different function, depending on your program results in isolation, space, energy, plumbing, ventilation and can be changed in the space below. At any time when the program within a building requires a new arrangement, the roof can be easily changed to raise the pixel and placing it in its new position. ” DPI_R can easily fit into the new site or improve an existing building by adding a “new” to the existing roof. Designer: Nicolas Backal       Yanko Design

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